The Festival of Learning is the biggest celebration of lifelong learning in England (, and launches in our area on the 21st May in Carlisle.  

There will be a number of themed weeks, in which specific areas of learning and development will be promoted, including: career development; health and wellbeing; visual training; and apprenticeships.

There are some pledge walls located around the sites in North Cumbria - one at the Cumberland Infirmary, one at West Cumberland Hospital and one in the CLIC Room at Rosehill. We encourage you to make a pledge and stick it on the wall!

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We are pleased to announce a new one-day programme, developed and delivered the Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA), which is now available to book via the CLIC website: 

Aims of the event: Suitable for those new to Human Factors, as well as those who would like to refresh their existing knowledge, this programme will introduce the theory of Human Factors, key principles and practices.

Outcomes of the event: Participating individuals and teams will achieve a level of Human Factors understanding that will enable them to consider the effectiveness of extant processes within their organisations and utilise this skill set to allow for error reduction and increased safety. 

Participating individuals and teams will develop an understanding of Error Management and be given the skill set to foster a Just, Reporting and learning Cultures to support and improve the organisational Safety Culture.

If you have any queries about this event, please contact 

NHS England’s Sustainable Improvement team is holding a series of webinars on Facilitating Large Scale Change.

This free programme is aimed at all those working in health and care organisations who are facing large scale change challenges and all those interested in developing large scale change skills.

Led by expert facilitators, the webinar series introduces participants to frameworks and tools for leading successful large scale change and:

  • Introduces the principles of systems leadership
  • Introduces the theory and principles of large scale change
  • Provides an overview of processes of change and the Change Model
  • Introduces foundational elements of mobilising and organising and the use of narrative
  • Introduces the key principles of measurement for improvement and change
  • Introduces approaches for maximising value from your networks

The series consists of an induction webinar, in May 2018, followed by six topic-themed sessions in June and July 2018. Participants are encouraged to join all seven webinars to get the most from the series.

Each webinar is CPD certified by the CPD Certification Service and carries one CPD point for each taught hour of the programme. Participants can collect their CPD points after successfully completing the short learning questionnaire after each session.

Please register in advance for each webinar via the NHS England website: 

If you have any questions about the webinar series, or you have any problems registering, please email

On Sunday 13th May 2018, the local community hosted an event called 'Tea With The Team', which was aimed at helping people who are new to our health and care system to settle in, meet friends, find out about organisations and sporting clubs, and to put down roots. 

The event and subsequent video, which is available to view below, were created in collaboration with the west Cumbrian community to encourage people to come to live and work there.

The video shows the energy and enthusiasm of the community, working in collaboration with the NHS, on this project.

Are you in a leadership role? Leading teams or leading and influencing across teams?

Leading Sustainable Change is your brand new 5 day programme developed and delivered by the CLIC team.

Our organisational development, improvement and leadership development teams have come together under CLIC, pooling our collective resource and expertise, to build on past leadership programmes and create this fantastic new leadership offer for you. 

In return for your commitment to this 5 day programme (delivered over a 4 month period) you will get the latest thinking, expertly facilitated, to help you thrive as leaders in our complex and emergent Health and Social Care System in West North & East (WNE) Cumbria. The programme will equip you with practical tools and techniques to help you to lead change in your service and across the system, as well as the opportunity to develop personal insight and behaviours to enable such change. 

Our first Cohort is available on our website now - click here for more information and how to apply.