It’s been recognised that from 1st April 2015, it is a contractual requirement for all practices to have a Patient Participation Group (PPG). In fact, future CQC inspections will be exploring the impact of your services for key patient groups, including vulnerable older people and mothers, babies and children. 

So, how can practices get PPG to really work? 

Well, perhaps you can relate to some of these scenarios…

  • We’ve tried to get a patient participation group established and it just didn’t work out
  • We’ve got a patient participation group already, and are now wondering how we can really benefit from their involvement
  • We’ve got patients coming forward and volunteering, but then they attend the first couple of meetings only to never return again 

If any of these situations seem familiar then help is at hand. 

Jennie Sutton, Project Lead for Court Thorn Surgery, Low Hesket, Carlisle has developed a programme to take the headache away for your PPG to achieve a whole lot more. 

Jennie has supported the Patient Participation Group at Court Thorn for over three years and during that time the group has been acknowledged for best practice as a finalist at both local and national awards. 

We are looking for a handful of volunteers to see if this work can be replicated. Jennie will work with your PPG, find out where your practice PPG is currently and where they like to be in the future. After the initial half day with your PPG a bespoke action plan will be drawn up. This will be implemented followed by further mentoring by Jennie. This will be free to the volunteer practices.

This may include enabling patients to have a voice and to identify what they and their fellow patients require from your practice and services. The whole process takes the patients ideas (i.e. activities, presence, learning, engagement) and turns them into reality. The programme does this by…

  • Giving the PPG an identity 
  • Adds value to services by accessing funds in their own right
  • Measurement of ‘improved health and wellbeing’ outcomes

This step-by-step approach will support your PPG all the way until your PPG grows in confidence and grows in numbers to make real tangible difference to services, patient experience and healthcare decisions.

Support will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis, so if you would like to express an interest, please contact the CLIC office as soon as possible on 01768 245480, or email