By Ian Rigg, Mindfulness Facilitator / Teacher / Trainer with CLIC

A common trend is beginning to emerge! We appear to be frantically moving from one place to the next, disconnected from ourselves, others and our surroundings. Our minds are in some ways addicted to distraction (next time you’re in the airport watch what people are doing) and our bodies aren’t moving as much as they did in previous generations. 

Part of our mindfulness training is about coming back to our senses and waking up to this one precious life we have. 

This month I thought I would share the cornerstones of my own health and well-being programme.


Listen to a piece of music that makes you feel, reflect and slow down:


How much time during the day do you sit in the same position (at work, driving, on the couch). The body is designed to move and express itself:


Pause, slow down and allow your mind to rest. Free mindfulness courses are offered throughout the year, across the County for our staff to attend and develop their own mindfulness practice:  


What do you do when you get to the top of a mountain on a clear day and how does it make you feel? Spend more time in nature, surrounded by space. Go for a walk a week in the mountains, since you just happen to live a beautiful part of the country. 

Eat Well

When was the last time you paid attention to the food you fuel your body and mind with? When you eat, refrain from doing anything else but tasting and sensing the food and then notice how the food interacts with your body and makes you feel. Become a conscious consumer and reflect for a moment on what this statement may mean to you and how you can have more of a positive impact on yourself and the planet along the way. 

Go on Adventures 

My friends and I take turns planning an adventure each year and then we go and do it. Watch the film the Bucket List and be inspired live an awesome life full of adventures!