For individuals who are, or wish to become, patient leaders in their communities including patient and lay representatives and patient governors, volunteers or employees of Healthwatch organisations and members of patient/carer groups

In Partnership with Aspire Development, Involve North East, NHS Leadership Academy North East and Healthwatch Cumbria, this training includes an introduction to some of the key skills, knowledge and qualities required to engage positively and effectively in the wider health and care system. The training aims to enhance patient involvement in service improvement initiatives and strategic planning across health and care organisations.

What will the training cover?

  • Negotiation, influencing and communication skills
  • Political, personal and organisational awareness
  • Understanding of the system, system working and the leadership challenges
  • Questioning - using coaching methodology
  • Self as instrument/work to personal strengths focus
  • Basics of service improvement methods
  • Personal resilience and emotional intelligence

What will I achieve from the training?

  • An understanding of the context of patient/citizen leadership within the current political and health and care environment
  • Skills in effective communication to get your voice heard and in order to achieve your aims
  • Skills development for influencing and negotiation
  • Skills to be a credible and respected voice for the patient/citizen
  • Skills to manage difficult behaviours and conflict
  • Self-awareness (understanding self and responses to others and specific situations) and confidence to work strategically alongside other stakeholders and effectively representing the patient/citizen voice)
  • An understanding of coaching in order to release people’s resourcefulness and work with change
  • Skills to motivate others and champion change

Dates and location:

MODULE 1: Friday 5th April 2019, CLIC Training Room, 4 Wavell Drive, Carlisle

MODULE 2: Wednesday 8th May 2019, CLIC Training Room, 4 Wavell Drive, Carlisle

MODULE 3: Tuesday 4th June 2019, CLIC Training Room, 4 Wavell Drive, Carlisle

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