13th August 2019

9AM - 1PM

Boardroom, Voreda House, Friargate, Portland Place, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7QQ

Come and find out about the significant benefits that 500 staff have reported upon course completion.

Session includes presentation of findings so far such as...

4 year average:

  • Mindfulness increased by 33%

  • Self-compassion by 25%

  • Perceived stress decreased by 77%

Contact Ian Rigg (ian.rigg@cumbria.nhs.uk) to book your place.


About Mindfulness

We have been offering mindfulness based interventions (MBI) to staff as part of a health and well-being offer since August 2015 and the interventions are extremely popular with staff.

The flagship MBI is the Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC), which is an 8 week intervention where staff are introduced to a variety of practices during a weekly two hour workshop over an 8 week period and then expected to practice the techniques in between each session. Each MBLC is preceded by two introductory sessions and followed up by a day of mindfulness and the aim is to run nine MBLC each year around the County. 15 staff can participate in each MBLC and staff are offered all courses free of charge during work time.

500 staff attending MBLC with an overall retention rate of 88%

(this is extremely high for an 8-week intervention when delivered for free during work time)

38 x 8 week Mindfulness Based Living Courses (MBLC) have been delivered



“I think this course has been the most significant course I have ever undertaken. Its effects have been felt in all aspects of my life. Brilliant!”

"One of the most worthwhile courses I’ve ever done, a life changer.”

“Yes, absolutely! The MBLC is the most innovative thing CPFT has ever done. Something that is current and can benefit all band 3’s – 9’s. I appreciate all the efforts to get this going, as I appreciate innovation and change takes a lot of time, effort, emails, persuasion and patience.”

“Immensely! It has really helped me to focus my attention and improved my ability to leave difficulty issues in the past and to stop reliving painful memories. It has helped me in too many ways to mention.”

“I found myself more able to relax and de-stress. I am now more aware of my well-being and have made a conscious decision to eat more healthily resulting in a healthy weight loss. I am also sleeping much better and find that I am more focused at work and not getting as stressed and bothered regarding office politics. I am also kinder to myself.”


Contact Ian Rigg (ian.rigg@cumbria.nhs.uk) to book your place.