We are looking for new schemes that enable staff to take forward improvements within their service aligned to the system objectives and priorities and organisational values.  

Engaging for Improvement puts the patient at the heart of everything we do; by identifying an idea for improvement, gathering information to understand and measure the current state, engaging with your team and wider stakeholders to gather their ideas and answer their concerns. The success of any improvement lies in engagement and involvement of the right people from the beginning.  

It is a six step approach designed to be worked through over a period of 20 weeks. Wave 12 will take place between December 2019 and April 2020, during this time the CLIC Team will actively support you to lead your improvement.

If you think Engaging for Improvement is something you are interested in follow THIS LINK to access an Expression of Interest Form complete and return this to the CLIC Team at info@theclic.org.uk by the 25th October 2019.