"The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the world's most popular personality assessment, found in 79% of the FTSE 100. It provides a robust foundation for life-long personal development, using a constructive, flexible and liberating framework for understanding individual differences and strengths.

MBTI insights reveal how we see and interact with the world, our motivations and the motivations of others. This creates a strong foundation for personal growth and development, underpinning enhanced personal effectiveness."

OPP, 2014

Some of you will have explored your personality preferences in an MBTI Feedback Session with CLIC, and for those of you that have, we are pleased to announce that we have set-up an online community where we can share information, resources, and hold online discussions: www.theclic.org.uk/resources/communities/25-mbti-information-and-resources (please note that you will need to have an account on the CLIC website and be signed-in in order to access the community).

If you have any questions about MBTI, why not post these in the community, or alternatively you can contact the CLIC Team at info@theclic.org.uk