By Lisa Robinson, Learning & Improvement Coordinator with CLIC

Working from home during Covid-19 has been a change and quite a challenge for some, me included. I am sharing with you some of the techniques and routines which I put into place which have massively helped my personal wellbeing and resilience:

  1. Having a designated space to work – Creating a small area at home that is a designated space for work. This not only helps you stay in the right frame of mind but also creates a clearer separation between your work and home life.
  2. Routine – With not being in the office, routine may need to be adapted. For example I was used to background noise in the office, I have the radio playing quietly in the background which I have found helps. Sticking to office hours is also important, don’t fall into the trap of logging on early and finishing late.
  3. Breaks – Plan breaks into your day and don’t take lunch at your designated place of work, a lunch time change of scenery and stretch of legs is important for our mental and physical wellbeing.
  4. Communication – Not being in the office with other team members and learning to communicate differently was a challenge, not only due to not having the right IT technology and connectivity, but also learning how to work differently. Daily or weekly team catch-ups are critical for discussing progress on specific projects, collaborative working and checking team wellbeing. Virtual team meetings are ideal as this allows for physical interaction, we use Microsoft Teams which allows for sharing documents and that collaboration which is so important.
  5. Virtual socialising – Being home alone was a change, but making time for them non-work chats with colleagues was crucial for personal wellbeing and resilience and maintaining strong working relationships, which are key to an effective team.

Please see below for a short YouTube clip on home working during Covid-19:

Also see the Kings Fund website which has some great information on working with others through Covid-19: 

CLIC offer a Wellbeing & Resilience programme which will be available shortly face-to-face and virtually via MS Teams. Dates will be released and advertised on our training and events page.