After more than 6 years, Professor Stephen Singleton has taken the decision to retire from his role as Director of our Learning and Improvement Collaborative and give up his regular work for the North Cumbria system.

Stephen has been a consistent champion for developing the health and care ethos of collaboration and ‘system’ working and his commitment to improving health and care services has never wavered, partly, as he says, because he and his family and friends are all users of those services so have a great interest in them being the best they can be!

Since the creation of CLIC in 2014, he has lead a number of developments in learning and improvement including:

  • Initiating the first Learning Organisation Collaborative (LOC) Conference
  • Developing the North Cumbria Coaching Network
  • Spreading the word about modern improvement science and establishing the Cumbria Production System toolkit and method to reduce waste and add value to the people who use our services
  • Enabling 90+ teams to successfully lead new innovation in their work
  • Changed the language and practice of leadership in some areas and brought in new thinking (like ‘Relational Coordination’)
  • Enabling access to leadership and improvement training and resources for over 6,000 registered users of the CLIC website

Stephen has always been a role model of our values and his compassionate leadership and collaborative way of working will be missed, but as he would say, our health and care transformation is not a sprint but an endless marathon. We would like to thank him for all he has given over the years.

Suzanne Hamilton, who has worked with Stephen and CLIC for a number of years, has joined NHS North Cumbria CCG by TUPE transfer, this will allow her to continue to lead the CLIC work in her role as Head of Improvement and Development, and continue to build on the Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative with partners going forward.