We are delighted to share with you a copy of Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative's Sixth Annual Report.


IMAGE: Highlights of the Fifth LOC in the Lakes Festival, which was titled 'Time Wars: The Return of the Manageable Day'

"It’s a strange time to write this annual report: we are just emerging from the fiercest of emergencies as we grappled with Covid-19; the community staff, the GPs, the care homes and home carers, the front-line hospital staff of course, and all of the health and social care support staff have all done a fabulous job in getting ready to work differently and then responding to those demands as the epidemic unfolded. Cumbria was early in the spread of Covid and initially hit hard – but with remarkable poise, brilliant innovation and sheer hard work, we coped well. Well done everyone and thank you so much for all the responses, large and small. Individuals and their families, including our staff, have been through great difficulties, tragedy and grief. Now the challenge becomes how to quickly understand what we achieved, and learn how to incorporate the best innovations and process improvements into sustainable new ways of working.

CLIC is a system resource and we were pleased to see a whole system strategy emerging this year. The ambition is strong and inclusive, we want a system that:

  • Improves the health and care outcomes of our local communities and supports people of all ages to be in control of their own health
  • Builds health and care services around our local communities
  • Is great place to work and develop
  • Provides safe and sustainable high quality services
  • Integrates how health and care organisations work together

And of course we must live within our means and spend resources wisely."

Download the report below and read on...