Are you interested in Quality Improvement?

Why not sign up and talk to others who are too?

Evidence 4 Quality Improvement (E4QI) Q Exchange project has been working to connect improvers with the evidence needed to make decisions and bring about change. A key part of this is to connect those working, or interested in quality improvement. To enable these connections and facilitate share learning we run Randomised Coffee Trials, also known as RCTs.

The objective of our RCTs is to create a community of people interested in sharing knowledge, best practice and learning for quality improvement. It is a great opportunity to break down silos, encourage people to connect and learn from each other and spark new connections and ideas.

The next Randomised Coffee Trial (RCT) will take place in April, and we would love you to take part by simply completing the sign-up form here by 15th March 2021:   

If you sign up, you’ll be matched randomly with someone who has an interest in sharing QI knowledge for a (virtual) coffee and a chat. You and your randomly matched coffee companion will receive an email later that week and then it’s over to you to arrange a suitable time for a chat sometime before Friday 30 April.

If you want to know more about RCT’s and the themes from feedback about previous RCT’s, do check out: