Clinicians, administration and digital healthcare staff have worked together to introduce a new digital dictation system which is reaping huge benefits for patients and staff.

Part of North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust's (NCIC) digital healthcare strategy, the new digital dictation solution system, Textflow means that our patients are able to receive their correspondence in a more timely way. A team of staff including administration, clinical and digital healthcare staff have worked together the ‘NCIC Way’ to implement the new system from December 2020 and is already making things easier.

Textflow enables clinicians to dictate letters, using a SpeechMike or portable recorder to produce an electronic dictation which is available in secretarial worklists instantly upon upload. Until now, the Trust has been using analogue tapes to record dictations which had number of limitations such as frequent replacement, required physical delivery to teams and urgent dictations had been difficult to identify which meant queries took time to be resolved. It also reinforced our dependence on costly paper processes.

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