There is no doubt that the impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented, affecting almost every aspect of our lives. Some say the pandemic is the greatest test we have faced globally in over 70 years. 

But even when up against immense challenges, we have seen some fantastic innovations across our health and care system and beyond. Now we are beginning to return to some degree of normality, we have seen in the past that all too often we can slip back into old habits and ways of working. So how do we make the improvements really stick?

Over the last few months, local health and care leaders have been reflecting on the learning from COVID-19, and considering how we can embed the many positive changes that have arisen out of the pandemic. To mark National Learning at Work Week, we are sharing with you some useful information, fantastic stories and great opportunities that have come about as a result…

In order to understand what changes need to be adopted on a more permanent basis, health and care organisations have been capturing their learning in a number of different ways. See the link and document below to find more about some of the tools they used:

The RSA – How to create real, lasting change after COVID-19: 

When the learning was shared, it reflected that when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Britain in March 2020, health and care staff responded flexibly and adaptably, swiftly putting into place new ways of working to provide care, whilst also limiting the spread of the virus. 

It was a time when people were united by one common aim – clinicians and frontline staff were empowered to make change, and to some extent, existing hierarchies, financial and governance restrictions were lifted. Staff worked in an agile way, quickly implementing developments in remote working and responding to guidance as it emerged.

There were shifts in services with the rollout of digital consultation, remote advice and guidance, self-monitoring, and acceleration of discharge to assess. There were also changes to how, when, and where we worked with a rapid enabling of remote working. See the document below for more information:

Much of the learning in North Cumbria reflected that which has emerged from national learning exercises. See the documents below to read more on national learning from COVID-19:

The challenge now is in making those positive changes stick. 

The evidence tells us that sustaining change will require strong leadership and changes in policies and procedures, as well as having the right resources in the right place. We all have a part to play. The Health Foundation have recognised that it will take the right attitudes and mind-sets from those who deliver services, and those who use them; the right regulatory frameworks and action on the part of the local organisations. See the document below for more information:

Organisations are now considering how they embed the positive changes so that they can be sustained and become ‘the way that we do things’ going forward.

Over the next couple of months, we will be sharing some of the positive changes that health and care services have put in place and are sustaining. We will also promote opportunities for you to develop your skills to help you adapt to new ways of working. Please see below for some of the things that are available to you now:


Learning from COVID-19 stories and resources:


Upcoming events:

Virtually LOC in the Lakes 2021: PAUSE. REFRESH. MOVE FORWARD │ 15th – 18th June 2021 │Online with Microsoft Teams │ This year’s conference brings you an entire week of online events designed to offer some practical tools and techniques to enhance your wellbeing, as well as support leaders and managers in revitalising their teams. 

Workshops include: 

  • Resilience in the time of COVID-19
  • How to have an effective wellbeing conversation
  • Leadership Support Circle – Focusing on looking out for yourself
  • You’re on mute (and other things we’ve learnt this year)
  • Plus many more! 

Please see the brochure with the full list of sessions below:

Understanding and making the best from Microsoft Teams

Leadership Support Circles
- a series of short, themed online sessions based on 10 principles for leading compassionately during and after COVID-19. More information coming soon!


Teach it forward!

We would love to hear about the improvements that you have made as a result of COVID-19. Capture your story on the template available below and send it to us at