NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme - Prep Events  

Interested in applying for the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme? Get ahead and start with the CEP Preparation events!

The CEP Prep is a series of three preparatory webinar events running September 2021 for those interested in finding out more about the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme (CEP), which will open in October 2021.

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Regional Conference - Our Workforce, Your Future

17 September 2021 │ 9:00 - 13:00 │ MS Teams

North East and Yorkshire Leadership and Life Long Learning, brings you its second regional event 'Our Workforce, Our Future’. This event will support our leaders to meet the challenges of leadership over the coming years. It seeks to create a leadership community building on the ambitions of the NHS People Plan, NHS People Promise and the Leadership Compact (due to be published).

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Lunch and Learn: Mindfulness in Managing Health and Wellbeing

22 September 2021 │ 12:10 - 13:10 │ MS Teams

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Reuniting as a Team After Covid - Webinars 

Throughout Sept & Oct │ MS Teams

Facilitated by AffinaOD Team Specialist, join NEYLA for series of webinars on Reuniting As A Team After Covid-19: reunite around shared purpose and a new direction; take time out to reflect; promote belonging; value different experiences and manage conflict positively; embrace remote working; and celebrate success.

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Reset, Reflect and Restart Health and Wellbeing Webinars - All Staff & Executive Leaders Offer

Working can sometimes have a negative effect on someone’s mental health and wellbeing but it can also have a very positive one as well. A supportive, inclusive workplace can help to prevent new mental health and wellbeing problems and support people struggling with their mental health and wellbeing to stay at work and thrive.

Working in Partnership with Unlimited Potential, NEYLA bring you a series of 6 webinars designed to support your Health and Wellbeing: 

  • Sustaining High Performance in A Stressful Environment - 14th October (10-11:30am)
  • Post-traumatic Growth - 28th October (10-11:30am)
  • Growth Mindset - 11th November (10-11:30am)
  • Resilience - ‘The Sticking Point’ - 25th November (10-11:30am)
  • Re-Connect Workshop - 9th December (10-11:30am)
  • The Disruption-Unity Gap - 13th January (10-11:30am)

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Health and Wellbeing Champions: Development Sessions 

In order to support the roll out of Health and Wellbeing Champions across the NHS, NHS England and Improvement are working with stakeholders to offer the opportunity to attend optional monthly development sessions for Health and Wellbeing Champions. The sessions will take place via Microsoft Teams every month starting on 12 August.

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Lunch & Learn - Resilient Compassion: Leading with care and respect through adversity

20 October 2021 │ 12:30 - 13:30 │ MS Teams

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Lunch & Learn - Turning the Perception of Disability Upside Down - My Story 

27 October 2021 │ 12:30 - 13:30 │ MS Teams

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Lunch & Learn - Gender Neutral Language

3 November 2021 │ 12:00 - 14:00 │ MS Teams

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Manager as Coach - Compassionate & Inclusive Leadership  

Are you in a role that requires you to manage people, deadlines or projects?

This programme will support the leadership impact of anyone working in a role which has a management element; participation will develop leadership capacity and capability through the application of a coaching approach. 

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Leading Compassionately Through Covid-19 - Coaching Offer to Senior Leaders 

Are you a senior leader wanting to stand back and appraise your decision-making during the current situation whilst creating time and space to consider how to lead the transition into the future state?

If so, NEYLA can match you with an experienced coach who will work with you to strengthen your leadership by creating  space for you to stand back, slow-down and reflect - providing you with the opportunity to enhance your decision making, to ‘hold steady’ in, and through, this crisis and to build and maintain personal resilience in order to effectively role-model effective, inclusive and compassionate leadership.

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