The King's Fund and The Health Foundation (2017) highlighted that health and social care in our country is facing significant financial and operational pressures, with services struggling to maintain standards of care. Now, more than ever, local and national leaders need to focus on improving quality and delivering better-value care. All health and care organisations should be focused on continually improving quality of care for people using their services. This includes improving the safety, effectiveness and experience of care.*

Continuous quality improvement underpins everything we do here in CLIC, which is why we've decided that in October 2021 we will be holding an 'Improvement Month', where we will be sharing key tools, techniques, opportunities for learning and some success stories from across our health and care system.

Get involved! If you have an improvement story that you would like to celebrate and share, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us at 

We look forward to celebrating all things improvement with you!