‘Not every change is an improvement but every improvement is a change; you can’t do anything better unless you can manage to do it differently’

- Eliezer Yudkowsky.

Sometimes working in health and care can feel like constant change… and not always for the better. Today we are again in a place where we are at the point of major changes – transforming health and care systems, local government reform, and all at a time when we are recovering from and still dealing with COVID-19.

In times of big change, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s important and the people who use our services.

Yet change doesn’t have to be big to make a positive difference, small changes can have a huge impact, and we all will have ideas about how we can improve the experience and outcome for ourselves and others.

This month in CLIC we are shining a spotlight again on improvement – helping you learn and connect with others across health and care to make a difference.

We will be taking a closer look at how listening and acting on what’s important to our patients helps us identify ‘value’ so we can release time or make savings as well as looking at how we can demonstrate the improvements that we have made. We hope to inspire you by sharing stories of small changes that have made a big difference from here in North Cumbria and beyond, and let you know more about how health and care are working in partnership to create healthier and happier communities. So please be sure to keep an eye on our News page, as well our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Get involved!
 Why not join in with our Improvement Month by getting involved in one or more of the below:

And if you have an improvement story you would like to share, we would love to hear it! Please get in touch with us at: info@theclic.org.uk