Are you a system leader or aspiring system leader in North Cumbria? 

Would you like to be part of an exciting new programme?

CLIC are running a pilot System Leadership Programme on behalf of the North Cumbria Integrated Care Partnership, and we are looking for volunteers to become part of the first cohort.

Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) are partnerships that bring together providers and commissioners of NHS services across a geographical area, with local authorities and other local partners to collectively plan health and care services to meet the needs of their population. The central aim of ICSs is to integrate care across different organisations and settings, joining-up hospital and community-based services, physical and mental health, and health and social care. 

Following several years of locally-led development, and based on the recommendations of NHS England and NHS Improvement, the government has set out plans to put ICSs on a statutory footing. All parts of England are now covered by one of 42 ICSs.  

In April 2022, North Cumbria CCG will merge with the North East region to become North East North Cumbria (NENC) ICS. The ICS will exist to achieve four aims:

  1. Improve outcomes in population health and health care
  2. Tackle inequalities in outcomes, experience and access
  3. Enhance productivity and value for money
  4. Help the NHS support broader social and economic development

Although the merger will only directly affect the CCG and not local partner organisations, the ways of working and expectations in terms of integrated working will begin to change rapidly. Therefore, the System Leadership Pilot will be timely in offering a programme that not only helps to develop the skills and behaviours of system leadership, but will also be supported with the local context and stories of what is happening in North Cumbria.

This is an exciting but challenging time for system leaders.
If you would like to get ahead and ensure you have the right skills, behaviours, and knowledge to work successfully for great service user outcomes, please consider signing-up for our pilot.

The commitment is likely to be:

  • Two one-to-one conversations (approx. one hour each) with the CLIC team pre-course
  • Three leadership modules between the end of January 2022 and end of February 2022 – approx. 18 hours in total
  • Two follow up sessions post-course – approx. 4 hours in total

If you would like to be part of the pilot or would like to have a conversation, please contact: