Our Knowledge and Library colleagues work hard to enable health and care professionals to make the best use of evidence obtained from research.

The Knowledge and Library Team can help to reduce risk and enhance patient care through streamlining the process of getting research and evidence into practice, ensuring evidence in decision-making from the boardroom to the bedside. They can: 

  • Reduce costs, identify best practice and ensure that mistakes made elsewhere are avoided
  • Challenge assumptions and improve the safety and quality of patient care, based on best evidence and learning from each other
  • Transform services, enhance knowledge flows within organisations and across the health system, adopt innovation
  • Avoid duplication and ensure efficiency, use the latest research
  • Empower patients and improve the wellbeing of the public, provide the information they need to support their own health
  • Develop an efficient, skilled and informed workforce, support revalidation, continuing professional development and research


In response to a recent request, the service helped provide a solution to the issues for patients in rural communities in North Cumbria accessing Hepatitis C testing. The Knowledge and Library Service carried out a full database search and identified a wide range of evidence-based articles to support a contract to start Hepatitis C testing in local pharmacies, which has improved both patient experience and relieved pressure on other parts of the health service, meaning healthcare professionals can focus on other patients.

Aside from the Knowledge and Library Service supporting projects such as that to initiate the roll out of Hepatitis C testing in local pharmacies, the team can also help in a variety of other ways. They provide a space to work and learn, a range of guides and evidence alerts, access to electronic information, and an information search and support service as part of their Specialist Outreach Service. Through their collections they also support continuing professional development, by providing texts such as Michael West’s Compassionate Leadership, as well as a range of quality improvement resources to support you on your change journeys.

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