See below for the latest fantastic learning and development opportunities available with the North East and Yorkshire NHS Leadership Academy (NEYLA):

Leading Transformation Seminars for Primary Care Networks 

The introduction of Integrated Care Systems, Provider Collaboratives and the ongoing development of Primary Care Networks (PCNs), will require those working in Primary Care to work in collaboration with a range of partners to achieve improved outcomes for neighbourhoods and communities. This series of five recorded 30 minute seminars, along with optional facilitated sense-making sessions is an opportunity for staff working at all levels within Primary to better understand how to effectively work within collaboratives without direct authority as well as some practical tools for working in this way.

Topics include: leading through collaboration; making the most of your powerful allies; effective collaboration at pace; simplifying complexity; and working with tensions, navigating ambiguity. 

In addition to online access to the above seminars, PCNs can opt for some facilitated sense-making workshops to enable, collective reflection and learning, as well developing collective action planning and next steps - this can be done in one two ways depending on interest:

  • Option A - 1 x 1.5 hour sense making session after participants have watch all 5 seminars 
  • Option B - 5 x 30 min sense making session after – one after each of the 5 seminars

To access the seminars and take-up the optional sense-making workshops, please send an expression of interest to with the following information: name of PCN; name of lead contact for this work; approx. numbers of staff needing access to the Future NHS platform; option A or option B for the sense-making workshop (optional).

Coaching for Improvement - Open for Applications  

This programme has been designed for colleagues working in roles and projects which involve Quality Improvement (QI), with a focus upon developing participant’s leadership effectiveness for QI through the application of a coaching approach.

Preference for places will be given to those staff working to support the establishment of ICS in the region, and as such are open to all organisations across the health and care system. This will enable the development and application of core skills around supporting engagement of staff, increasing the impact and long term success of change initiatives.

This programme is aimed at health and care staff from all professional backgrounds within the North East & North Cumbria working within a healthcare setting. This includes staff involved in supporting change initiatives (such as service redesign or organisational change) as a key part of their role, but not working specifically in a QI or transformation role.

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REACT Mental Health®: Bitesize Support For Our People - A small dose of active listening training for supervisors, manager and leaders

Various dates throughout November - January

As part of the strategy written and delivered by Professor Neil Greenberg to help support frontline staff during the COVID-19 crisis, March on Stress has developed a short workshop for supervisors, managers and leaders to allow you to have a ‘psychologically savvy conversations’ with your teams, identify those struggling and signpost them for further support.

REACTMH provides an opportunity for starting a conversation with people who either do not appreciate they have a mental health problem, or who do appreciate it but do not want to seek help. This approach may be especially useful should a colleague have had to deal with repeated, often occupationally related, exposure to Potentially Traumatic Events (PTEs). Such on-going trauma exposure is known as Type 2 trauma.

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Partnering with Patients for Better Outcomes: Using Co-Production and Involvement to Drive Better Outcomes 

17 November 2021 │ 10:00 - 11:30am │ Virtual Platform: TBC

Patient involvement is often seen in one of two ways; either working closely and deeply with patients to co-design a service, or asking a simple “how did we do?”.

However, these are just two ends of a spectrum, with lots of fertile ground in between. This Co- production workshop is for health and care professionals who are delivering work in neighbourhoods and communities interested in driving better outcomes by working with, not just for patients.

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Lunch and Learn: Transgender Awareness (& Trans Day of Remembrance)

17 November 2021 │ 12:30 - 13:30 │ Virtual Platform: Teams

A session looking at the experience of trans people in the UK in 2021, both in general and in the context of healthcare, with practical advice and strategies around how to best support trans patients and colleagues, and make your service more inclusive.

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Lunch and Learn: Re-entry Conversations

24 November 2021 │ 12:30 - 13:30 │ Virtual Platform: Zoom

Our People Plan states that everyone needs to have a good quality re-entry conversation as evolving work patterns become established.

This short session is for managers who want to be reminded of the skills they will need to utilise and what best practice looks like in order to feel confident in their approach.

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Co-Production Case Study Workshop

1 December 2021 │ 10:00 - 10:45am │ Virtual Platform: TBC

In this 45 minute virtual workshop Julie Clayton, Head of Communications and Engagement, North Cumbria will introduce The Copeland Community Stroke Prevention Project. You will hear how a range of organisations, groups and individuals came together to help reduce the number of people who end up in hospital after a stroke.

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Lunch and Learn: Improving Cancer Outcomes 

2 December 2021 │ 12:30 - 13:30 │ Virtual Platform: TBC

Attendees will have the opportunity to understand the approach adopted by the Northern Cancer Alliance to involve members of the public throughout the pandemic.

The session will detail how the Alliance involved members of the public in the initial response to pandemic and recovery activities, in particular the development of local “Help Us Help You” urgent cancer referral activities that focus on reducing health inequalities.

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Lunch and Learn: Faith Through the Pandemic 

15 December 2021 │ 12:30 - 13:30 │ Virtual Platform: Teams

Covid-19 bought the world to a standstill and affected everyone in different ways. How did people navigate their way through the pandemic?

This event will explore this question by firstly introducing the basic beliefs a Muslim holds and secondly, how as an Imam (community leader), faith played a big role in navigating ourselves through the pandemic.

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Lunch and Learn: Building Inclusion Confidence Series

Various dates throughout December - March 2022 

Series of lunchtime seminars with Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE (Author, Consultant, Facilitator and Coach) aimed at addressing key areas of EDI:

  • Allyship – 1st December, 12:00 - 13:00
  • Microaggressions – 2nd February, 12:30 - 13:30
  • Staff Networks: Power Of Partnership – 23rd February, 13:00 - 14:30
  • Effective Board Sponsors – 9th March, 12:30 - 13:30
  • Title TBC – 23rd March, 12:30 - 13:30

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Leading for Informal Leaders

17 December 2021 │ 08:00 - 9:30am │ Virtual Platform: Zoom

An informal leader can be described as someone worth listening to because of their lived experience and reputation among peers. Being aware of your own informal leadership can help you to communicate your thoughts and ideas more effectively, and influence decisions with integrity. This session is particularly targeted at those who do not see themselves as holding a formal position of authority, or those seeking to step into a more formal leadership role.

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Lunch and Learn: Building Psychological Safety in a Hybrid Working World

26 January 2022 │ 12:30 - 13:30 │ Virtual Platform: Teams

Following on from our successful bite-size sessions where we draw on a topical article to explore practical implications, in this Lunch and Learn session we will be exploring Psychological Safety in a Hybrid world.

We will be drawing on the Harvard Business Review article by Amy Edmondson and Mark Mortensen to consider how we as leaders/managers can contribute to the building of psychological safety in our own organisations.

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