From a Social Prescriber in Workington...

"Mr B, aged 71 years old, visited the GP surgery to get his second covid vaccination. He asked the nurse who administered his vaccine if she could help him find his National Insurance Number. The nurse explained that the NHS do not keep that information. The nurse then called for me to see if I could assist. I took Mr B’s details and made an appointment to contact him the following day. 

When I contacted Mr B, he disclosed that he had never claimed his State Pension as he did not know his National Insurance Number. Mr B has a limited understanding of the benefits system and assumed he would get his State Pension automatically. He had previously called into the Job Centre for assistance but was told to apply online. Mr B does not have access to a computer. 

I referred Mr B to the DWP to assist him to locate his National Insurance Number. Then I could help him to apply for State Pension, Pension Credit and Attendance Allowance. I obtained a signed consent form from Mr B for me to be able to help him with this process. The DWP contacted me for further information on my referral and an appointment was made for a telephone application for State Pension with me present in the customer’s property. 

The Customer Services Adviser from the DWP contacted Mr B and myself at the agreed time and went through the application with us both. The adviser explained everything as she was going along to Mr B and made the process easy to understand. Mr B opted to receive a backdated State Pension lump sum of £20,340 with a weekly payment of £68.97. This led on to an entitlement to Pension Credit.

I completed an online application for Pension Credit for Mr B. He was awarded a weekly amount of £138.07 with a backdated payment of £3,292.

I also completed an Attendance Allowance application with Mr B. He has Parkinson’s Disease and struggles with his personal care and all daily living tasks. I also added further information to the form on the “Statement from Someone Who Knows You” section. Mr B was awarded the Lower Rate of the allowance, £60 per week. 

Mr B expressed his gratitude for my assistance and support with his finances."