Providing our health and care workforce with rewarding careers and the opportunity to develop their skills can help people find joy in their work and encourage them to stay working with us in Cumbria for longer. 

We know that many things throughout the stages of our lives can affect how we feel about our work and our desire to progress.

Career conversations are a personalised approach to supporting employees whose priorities may be changing. 

Managers who understand the needs of their staff and are equipped to support them at all stages of their career are more likely to enhance the working lives of individuals and develop more engaged and productive teams.

Career conversations can take place at any time or be part of a formal process such as appraisal or supervision.

We have created some person-centred career resources to support managers to have positive conversations with their teams regarding the development and support they need to thrive in their role and develop their career should they choose to do so.

Access the toolkit here...

Person-centred career conversation training is available for managers who benefit from group learning or applying skills practically through conversation. Please see below for dates which are now available to book: