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We are pleased to announce that North Cumbria School of Generalism, delivered by NCIC, is recruiting to a second cohort. This will again be an innovative programme, giving the opportunity for a cohort of 24 multi-professional, multi-disciplinary, clinical and administrative/management staff drawn from across north and west Cumbria health and care providers to learn alongside each other gaining a common language and shared skills and competencies to enable them to better understand, navigate and deliver the increasingly complex and comprehensive services required to provide life-time health care to the local population.

North Cumbria School of Generalism is one of Health Education England’s Enhance Generalism trailblazer programmes, commissioned by HEENENC as one of 2 place based schools. The first cohort have completed half the part-time programme, requiring a commitment of 2-4 hours a week mixed between self-directed and face to face learning as a whole cohort, and feed-back has been excellent.

Dr Ruth O’Dowd, HEENENC Head of School for North Cumbria School of Generalism

“There is considerable national interest in the unique approach taken in North East and Yorkshire with 2 place based Schools designed to deliver a coherent programme to a deliberately very mixed cohort of healthcare professionals from different organisations within North Cumbria and promote greater understanding of roles and skills with the aim of achieving a more holistic approach to patient care in all our contacts.”

Phil Johnson-Blackwell, Generalist Fellow – CNTW

“Generalist school has enabled me to create links with the wider NHS, to develop a better understanding of common issues and barriers to projects coming to full completion. The topics are varied for each module and this offer a wide learning opportunity. We are engaged in action learning sets affording the time to process issues and gain supportive feedback on potential solutions.

As for now the ‘how this fits into the wider NHS’ is still unknown with us being the first ‘fellows’ however having the time to reflect and learn new theories is a good thing and enables a broader understanding of the wider issues.”

Lorna Watson, Generalist Fellow – NCIC

“Being part of the North Cumbria Generalist School has given me a unique opportunity to connect with representatives from across the wider health-care system in North Cumbria, outside of my typical professional network. Much of the learning and reflection from the syllabus structure has translated into my day to day practise. This has included using a common language to aid supportive conversations, healthy challenge and championing and prioritising person-centred care when developing our service offer further. I have felt supported and respected by everyone involved in the school, and this has allowed me to look past my own clinical work, and refocus on the bigger, collaborative approach across North Cumbria to strive for good health outcomes for the population we serve.”

Jayne Edwards, Generalist Supervisor – NCIC

“It is great to see that north Cumbria is leading the way with this new initiative in supporting staff across the NHS to broaden understanding and enable more effective multi professional working. Being involved as a Generalist Supervisor and supporting a fellow through the programme has not been an onerous task and it has been great to hear feedback about their learning and raised awareness and also to think about what this means from them and their service.”

How to apply...

More information on the year long, part time fellowship programme can be found in the Syllabus below: 

Applications will be open between Monday 6th June 2022 and Friday 1st July 2022, this fellowship is aimed at multi-professional colleagues from across north and west Cumbria who are in the performance development phase of their career.

Please complete the application form below, and ensure you have reviewed and confirmed your availability for all fixed learning dates across the year. It is required that your line manager provides a statement of support in your application.

Please return completed applications to 

Informal conversations and queries are welcome.