In North Cumbria, our vision is to build a new integrated health and care system together, using our collective capabilities for a healthier and happier population. You can find out more here.

People working in our health and care system have a valuable role in helping achieve these aims, and we want to support you to develop the skills and capabilities to do your role whilst you personally learn and grow! 

The Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative (CLIC) is here to develop a positive transformation in the health and social care system across North Cumbria by leading and embedding a culture of collaboration for continuous learning, continuous improvement, and living within our means. Our three key areas of focus are:

  • Learn – providing access to leadership, improvement and clinical skills training, coaching and events
  • Connect – bringing like-minded people together to share and learn for the benefit of our health and care system
  • Improve – supporting staff to embed a culture of continuous quality improvement through the use of common methods and tools

The programmes have been developed to support North Cumbria Health and Care’s system priorities, as well as supporting the development needs of countywide services. This year, COVID-19 has led us to review our programmes in light of social distancing. This means that more training will be available online, and some of the sessions that require face-to-face learning have had their attendee numbers restricted.  

We are pleased to share our revised Offer for 2021-22 with you. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 


The challenges that we are currently facing in health and care are immense. Ageing populations, evolving healthcare needs, and developing technologies all mean that people are living longer with more health conditions, and are placing higher demands on our services than ever before. 

We also know that the financial resource is finite. This means we must continually strive for quality improvement, ensuring that the people who use our services receive the right care at the right time, giving them the best possible experience and outcomes. 

“In health and care everyone has two jobs: to do their work and to improve their work”

Paul Batalden

It is essential that improvement continues to become a key part of everyone’s role within North Cumbria ICP. Therefore, this autumn CLIC are bringing you a series of one-off Masterclass sessions, designed to equip those attending with the knowledge and skills to inspire and embed a culture of quality improvement within their teams, services and organisations. 

We are calling these ‘Masterclasses’, as our presenters truly are experts by experience in this field. The sessions are open to those with leadership responsibility in health and care in North Cumbria, as well as those who have a real passion for improvement and making a difference within their area of work.

Please see below for details of the three unmissable events we have on offer:


From Deming to COVID-19; why systems and being systematic matters to our patients

Thursday 16th September, 2:00 - 5:00pm, Tullie House, Carlisle

Professor Stephen Singleton - Clinical Lead, CLIC / Clinical Director of The Integrated Covid Hub, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust / Chief Executive of Zero Tolerance Health Care

Case Study: Primary Care, Karen Morrell

There is good evidence that management systems based in quality improvement can work well in healthcare, driving patient and staff satisfaction, safety, productivity, service reliability and cost reduction.

There is also strong evidence that many of the organisations that attempt to implement any systematic continuous improvement ethos only achieve partial success and short-term results.

Stephen will take a historical and systems perspective – from Deming's original work after the Second World War right up to lessons learned from dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic – to tease out the clear messages about what is required, especially from leadership, for success – and why success will help us, in any healthcare setting, to meet today's challenges.

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Creating the conditions for curiosity and creativity – engaging leaders in improvement

Wednesday 29th September, 2:00 - 5:00pm, Tullie House, Carlisle

Elaine Mead - Executive Sensei for NHS England & NHS Improvement Vital Signs Programme / Member of the Leadership Faculty for the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

Case Study: Maternity Services in West Cumbria, Nicola Jackson 

Leaders need to create the right and safe environment for curiosity and creativity to flourish. In order to continually improve we must release the time to do more that humans are best at – making connections and practicing empathy. This presentation will introduce these concepts and relate them to the development of future service and care models reflecting on the work of Greg Orme, Brene Brown and Kim Barnas, supporting leaders to use science to support their improvement effort and have fun at the same time.

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Leadership behaviours for improvement

Thursday 14th October, 2:00 - 5:00pm, Tullie House, Carlisle

Adele Coulthard - Head of Service Improvement, North Regions at NHS England & NHS Improvement

Case Study: Discharge to Assess, Sarah Farragher

This session will focus on self as leader and our behaviours in order to drive forward improvement. More details to follow.

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Here at CLIC, we are planning to refresh our website ( and would love to hear your thoughts about what parts of it you currently find most helpful, as well as what improvements you would like to see. These two questions should take no more than 5 minutes of your time - we really appreciate and value your feedback.

You can access the survey here:

(Apologies for the issues some of you experienced initially whilst trying to access the survey. This should now be resolved - thank you for your patience!)

The deadline for completion is Monday 23 August 2021.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Staff at all levels across health and social care have been responsible for remarkable innovations and breakthroughs in the way we care for people.

Whilst these improvements and advances have been hugely beneficial for our communities, evidence* shows that they can often be enhanced and spread even more widely through collaboration with others. We need to move away from the tendency to believe that invention is more valuable than adoption, and truly embrace some of the fantastic ideas which can be found all around us – it’s a myth that innovation is only about cutting edge technology, just for the biggest and best organisations, or is part of someone else’s job (Care Quality Commission, 2021). We are all responsible for improvement.

There has been growing recognition in recent years of the value of shared learning as a way for health and care professionals to share expertise and experience while working to address a common goal. The financial resource is finite, so we must innovate to be able to address the significant challenges we face in terms of our ageing population and evolving healthcare needs. Shared learning helps to ensure that any improvements we make are sustainable, are locally-led, and that learning can be transferred between organisations.

Learning forums are increasingly used within health and care services, and there is a growing body of evidence about the benefits of a variety of approaches for shared learning. These include professional and personal development, greater motivation and enthusiasm, and increased effectiveness in transforming services leading to direct improvements in patient and service user care. These types of sessions are already happening across North Cumbria for the benefit of staff in our region, and you may be familiar with some of the below:

  • Clinical Networks in Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (CNTW)
  • Connection and Conversation space for managers in Cumbria County Council
  • Patient Safety Forums in North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (NCIC)
  • Lunch and Learn sessions with CLIC and North Cumbria NHS Knowledge & Library Services - 'Learning from COVID-19: Remote Consultation in Out Patient Services' took place on 9th July 2021

To find out more about any of the above, please contact us at, and we would be happy to signpost you.

We are hosting further Lunch & Learn sessions soon. The idea here is that they are short, dynamic events (typically half an hour) available to staff on a ‘drop in’ basis. We realise many of you are facing huge operational pressures, and there is an ever increasing demand for bite-sized learning on the go, so we hope that these will meet your needs and prove to be a valuable use of your time. All of the sessions end with signposting to additional resources and contacts. Please see below for details:

Please get in contact with CLIC if you would like to present and share your innovations/improvements across a wider platform: / 01768 245480.



*NHS Kidney Care (2012). Better together: Sharing learning to improve care. 

Care Quality Commission (2021). Enabling innovation and adoption in health and social care Developing a shared view. 

Health and Wellbeing Champions: Development Sessions

The sessions will take place via Microsoft Teams every month starting on 12 August. They include topics such as:

  • An introduction to the national health and wellbeing support offers for our NHS people
  • How to signpost safely, set up group cafes and networking opportunities
  • Looking after your mental health and supporting others to do so (World Mental Health Day 10 Oct)
  • Plus many more!

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Lunch & Learn Building Psychological Safety in a Hybrid Working World

This Lunch and Learn session we will be exploring Psychological Safety in a Hybrid world.

18th August 2021 │ 12:30 to 13:30

Find out more & sign-up to the waiting list (currently full): 


Lunch & Learn: LGBT+ Awareness

An interactive session which aims to raise awareness of issues relating to gender identity, sexual orientation and the health inequalities faced by LGBT+ people.

1st September 2021 │ 12:30 to 13:30

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Leading Well Virtually

Leading Well Virtually: an opportunity to consider how to lead in the virtual workspace.

2nd September 2021 │ 09:00 to 10:30

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Reuniting as a Team After Covid-19

In partnership with AffinaOD and NHS England and Improvements - Leadership and Lifelong Learning Team, NEYLA bring you series of webinars on Reuniting as a Team After Covid-19:

  • Reunite around shared purpose and a new direction – 9th September 2021 │ 9:50 to 11:10
  • Take time out to reflect – 13th September 2021 │ 9:50 to 11:10
  • Promote belonging – 16th September 2021 │ 9:50 to 11:10
  • Value different experiences and manage conflict positively – 22nd September 2021 │ 13:50 to 15:10
  • Embrace Remote Working – 30th September 2021 │ 9:50 to 11:10
  • Celebrate Success – 7th October 2021 │ 9:50 to 11:10

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Leading at Neighbourhood and Place – An Introduction to Outward Mindset

A short but impactful introductory session into the 'outward mindset’.

9th September 2021 │ 10:00 to 11:30

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Lunch & Learn: Manager as Coach: Setting Goals Through Great Conversations

This session will explore ways to frame the conversation to support Talent Management conversations

15th September 2021 │ 12:00 to 13:30

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NEYLA & L&LLL: Regional Conference: Our Workforce, Our Future

North East and Yorkshire Leadership and Life Long Learning, brings you its second regional event.

17th September 2021 │ 09:00 to 13:00

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Community Power ICS Workshops

An interactive workshop to explore how the establishment of the ICS can be used to create a community powered approach to healthcare.

Tuesday 5th October 2021 – A Community Powered NHS in North East and North Cumbria

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Lunch and Learn: Resilient Compassion – Leading with care and respect through adversity

We will explore the situational leadership approaches used throughout COVID to date and the ‘Leadership Learning’ that has taken place as a result.

20th October 2021 │ 12:30 to 13:30

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Lunch and Learn – Turning the Perception of Disability Upside Down – My Story

The purpose of my presentation is to talk to you about my experience of adversity and how I have used this to enhance my life and that of others around me.

27th October 2021 │ 12:30 to 13:30

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Lunch & Learn: Gender Neutral Language

A two hour interactive session to explore the issues associated with gender neutral and gender inclusive language and their use in the workplace and for service delivery in the NHS.

3rd November 2021 │ 12:00 to 14:00

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Building an Inclusive Culture Programme – EOI Deadline Extended

Building a truly inclusive culture doesn’t happen by ticking a box, it can only happen when at an individual level we are open to be educated and challenged, which ultimately drives a collective change.

Workshop One – Thursday 7th October 2021

Workshop Two – Thursday 28th October 2021

Deadline for EOI Friday 20th August at 4pm.

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