Free Passes for NHS 

Are you interested in how NHS GPs/CCGs and PCNs are currently using technology and digital tools to improve patient experience? 

If so, all NHS primary care professionals are being offered a fully funded and CPD accredited delegate pass to the Delivering new Capabilities and Strategy: Digital Primary Care Congress.

Confirmed to speak: 

  • Tumsilla Sethi, Director of PCN Transformation at Bexley GP Federation: Improving legacy health and social care systems: integrated workflow platform
  • Dr Masood Ahmed, Chief Medical Officer, NHS Black Country & West Birmingham CCGs: Primary Care Best Practice: The Black Country and West Birmingham sustainability and transformation partnership

The Delivering new Capabilities and Strategy Conference will provide a timely platform for GPs, CCGs and PCNs to explore recent changes in national policy and best practices surrounding the use of digital technology and innovative emerging solutions.

Delivering new Capabilities and Strategy: Digital Primary Care Congress, 10:50am, July 8, 2021

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Following on from the North East and Yorkshire Leadership Academy's (NEYLA) successful conference in March on Allyship, their next steps were to bring you further learning and knowledge sharing from our great region.

The Lunch and Learn sessions will offer sociable, collaborative alternative to traditional classroom based learning. The sessions are a great way to foster a culture of learning and knowledge, encouraging growth and strengthening ties across the region which will enable us to build a stronger work culture in the NHS.

Be part of the lunch and learn sessions! Come and share and celebrate the work you have been doing, using a virtual platform to reach colleagues over the lunchtime period. For further information on how you can share your great work contact NEYLA at 

Book your place on one of the upcoming sessions here:

Keep an eye out on the upcoming events page on the NEYLA website and newsletters for further Lunch and Learn sessions. 


Linda Turner

Quality & Safety Matron

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (NCIC)

In this Learning from COVID-19 Improvement Story, we hear from Linda Turner, who describes the positive changes made in the development of students on placement during the pandemic:

Why was change needed?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the national restrictions put in place meant that students on placement in Community Teams were unable to access the same rich and varied learning experience usually offered, and there were concerns for their welfare during this time. In order to address this, twice-weekly remote sessions were established, ensuring the students had the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the diversity of NHS services provided in the Community
  • Have a safe space to discuss any concerns relating to their placement and the pandemic
  • Have the opportunity to come together to share learning and experiences

What impact did it have?

These sessions have been very well received, and have enabled students to:

  • Gain practical and essential skills
  • Explore potential new career opportunities and specialities
  • Reflect on their own experience and learning
  • Discuss their welfare
  • Raise any concerns or practical issues experienced

How will this be sustained?

Moving forward, NCIC and the local university are committed to utilising the learning from this programme. From September 2021, these sessions will be rolled-out monthly to all students on placement in the Trust, as well as targeted towards medical students. It is hoped that following this, the opportunity will also be made available to any staff in the Trust who are keen to learn from this resource.

Read the full detail – download the pdf story below:

Teach it forward!

We would love to hear about the improvements that you have made as a result of COVID-19. Capture your story on the template available below and send it to us at 

Please see below for details of the latest personalised care information and opportunities:

A Personalised Wellbeing Plan

This new animate explains what a personalised wellbeing plan is and how to use one; you can access it and a range of other resources on the future collaborative platform: 

Access to the FutureNHS Personalised Care Collaboration Platform - please email to request to join, and include colleagues’ email addresses if they would also benefit from access.


New Personalised Care and Support Planning module

The Personalised Care Institute have now launched their new eLearning module, 'Personalised Care and Support Planning'. This 45-minute course identifies the key steps of a planning process that will help you to better engage, enable and support people to have more choice and control over decisions about their healthcare.  Its free to access once you have registered with the PCI (which is also freely accessible to all).

Over the coming months, the Personalised Care Institute will be running an extensive range of webinars, expert sessions and other activities. We would like to encourage learners to register at PCI mailing list ( so they can have access to these resources.  More information can be found at: 


Publication of Guidance on PCSP in Maternity

This guidance identifies criteria to define personalised care planning and sets out what local maternity systems need to do to ensure personalised care planning is embedded into service delivery: 


Social prescribing - draft competency framework for SPLWs working in or with PCNs

Feedback is welcomed until the 16th July: 

Access to the FutureNHS Personalised Care Collaboration platform - please email to request to join, and include colleagues’ email addresses if they would also benefit from access.


Shared Decision Making Training:


Activation in Practice: How to use and measure levels of activation to support a personalised approach 

This half-day ACTIVATION IN PRACTICE workshop has been specifically designed to facilitate participants to develop an understanding of people at different levels of activation (knowledge, skills and confidence) and how best to support them. This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to explore how they can use the concept of patient activation and understand how to measure this. 

Additional workshop now available on 27th May - booking now live: 


Health Coaching 4-day PCI accredited e-learning course

This course will be prioritised for Health & Wellbeing Coaches working in health coaching roles in the North East and North Cumbria (NENC) who are supported by their managers to have time to complete all parts of the 4-day training. To apply for a place on the programme, please complete the form using the following link: 

The deadline for applications for Cohort 3 is 25th May (Day 1 is on 25th June). You will be advised if you have been offered a place within fourteen days after the deadline date.

Further details including content can be found at 


What Matters To You? Introduction to conversations to support health and wellbeing 

Health and social care are moving away from asking “what’s the matter with you?”, to “what matters to you?” (WMTY). This is a central principle that lies at the heart of person-centred care. This workshop is centred around how to set-up and have a really good, ‘WMTY’ conversation and why it is so important. This sort of conversation, and the associated coaching skills, sits at the heart of person-centred organisations.

This 3-hour workshop is aimed at those in reception, administrative, and health and social care support roles (bands 2-4 or equivalent), to develop skills in making every interaction person-centred, every time.

Booking now for 14th May and 23rd June: 

Arising from the COVID-19 pandemic was the Government guidance that wherever possible, people must work from home. This has been a significant change to the norm for many, and has been challenging in a number of ways. According to the Office for National Statistics, in April 2020 46.6% of people in employment did some work at home, and of those 86% did so as a direct result of the pandemic. For those who did remain in the workplace, many face-to-face meetings quickly became a thing of the past.

In order to facilitate these new, remote ways of working, we have seen a number of online platforms rolled-out at scale, one of which was Microsoft (MS) Teams. As with any new tools in the workplace there can be significant learning curves, but despite this we have experienced significant benefits – from the miles in travel saved, to better engagement with wider audiences. One thing has certainly become clear – as the COVID-19 restrictions ease, MS Teams is far too valuable to be left behind and its use must be sustained. 

We are therefore pleased to be able to share with you an MS Teams training session, delivered by Redmoor Health, which took place in March 2021*:

There is also a useful pdf document to accompany this video – please click here to download it. 

Did you know?
You can download MS Teams for FREE onto your PC via the Microsoft website, as well as onto your smartphone or tablet:

CLIC, in collaboration with North Cumbria Library & Knowledge Services, is planning some additional sessions on understanding and making the best of MS Teams. Please keep an eye on the CLIC website for more details! If you haven’t already done so, you might want to sign-up to the CLIC website and monthly eBulletin to be first to hear about our latest news and events:  

In these challenging times, it’s important that we look after our own health and wellbeing. Virtually LOC in the Lakes 2021: PAUSE. REFRESH. MOVE FORWARD. is taking place 15th – 18th June, will bring you an entire week of online events designed to offer some practical tools and techniques to enhance your wellbeing, as well as support leaders and managers in revitalising their teams. Click here to find out more…  

*Please note that there are some features of MS Teams that are not yet accessible via work devices.