We are delighted to share with you a copy of Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative's Seventh Annual Report.

"Looking back it seems that, for all who work in health and care, 2020-21 has been a year of experience like no other. In coping with unprecedented demand from COVID-19, we have solved problems, thought creatively, and adapted to using technology in a far greater way than we ever anticipated.

Our health and care staff have responded amazingly with many examples of individuals and teams going the extra mile, working differently and working together, all united against a common enemy. The people who use our services have responded well too, adapting to remote consultation, new technology, and developing a greater understanding of preventing ill health.

Although recovery will take time – time to re-establish services and time to re-build our personal resilience – we have learnt a lot through our experience, and there have been some positive changes that have arisen through the pandemic that we mustn’t lose.

We have shown that we are resourceful, creative and adaptive; it is important now to embed the positive benefits of change and keep using these skills in continuous improvements going forward. We have shown what we can do in a time of crisis, but what could we achieve if we can utilise those skills to bring about improvements day-to-day?"

Download the report below and read on...

Brought to you by CLIC in collaboration with North Cumbria Knowledge and Library Services, this Lunch & Learn session on 9th July 2021, titled 'Learning from COVID-19: Remote Consultation in Out Patient Services', saw Dr Denis Burke (Consultant Physician & Chair of Out Patient Development Group, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust) share his experiences, describing why change was needed, the impact that it had, and how the improvements made will be sustained:


For more information on this 'Learning from COVID-19' story, please visit: www.theclic.org.uk/news/702-learning-from-covid-19-remote-consultation-in-out-patient-services 

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Our Incredible Care Home Education Support Service team (CHESS) in North Cumbria have made the shortlist for the Nursing in Mental Health category of the Nursing Times Awards!

David Storm, Associate Director for Access and Community services in North Cumbria, said: "It’s really exciting that CHESS have been shortlisted for this award. The team have continually gone the extra mile to support people living with dementia, their families and care staff - who have experienced unprecedented difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am hugely proud of our amazing teams and the work they do. Being shortlisted for this award recognises the positive work they do, working collectively to support those in need." 

Read more about how the team supported care home staff through the COVID-19 pandemic here: www.cntw.nhs.uk/news/emotional-support-for-care-home-staff-in-north-cumbria 


'The Morecambe bay Hood' is an amazing new PPE invention designed to protect NHS staff from COVID-19 – developed by UHMBT in partnership with BAE Systems, Lancastle and the Innovation Agency North West.

You can read the story on the UHMBT website on this link: https://www.uhmb.nhs.uk/news-and-events/latest-news/game-changing-personal-protective-equipment-developed-protect-nhs-staff-fight-against-covid-19 

Further to our round-up of this year's LOC in the Lakes conference which we shared on 18th June, we're pleased to advise that the highlights, as well as many of the recordings and presentations are now available to view online at:


Here you will find a keynote from Paul Chudleigh and some fantastic recorded workshops from The Launch, plus presentations and links to further learning. Take a look at our trailer below to get a flavour of what this year's week-long, virtual event was all about:

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