Cumbria, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (CNTW), a leading provider of mental health and disability services in the North of England, is working with Cumbria Police to pilot a new service. It sees mental health clinicians and police officers teaming up so they can respond appropriately to people who are in mental health crisis who come into contact with the police.

The service, known as the Street Triage Team, is being piloted in the Carlisle City Council area. It has been running since the beginning of May 2021 with promising results, receiving comments from the people the team have supported such as: “I felt listened to when I needed support,” “They listen and help you make a plan,” and “They made me feel reassured and safe.”

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Introduction to Human Learning Systems 

Date: 20 July 2021

Time: 15:00 - 16:30

Virtual Platform: Zoom 

Category: Primary Care

In this introduction to Human Learning Systems, we argue for a better way of delivering public services, more in-tune with the real world. The workshop is ideal for people leading and delivering work at neighbourhood and place to improve population health outcomes and as such relevant to the work and ambitions of primary care. The Human Learning system approach is an accessible introduction to complexity and will provide a framework to build effective collaborations and networks across boundaries and bring together all the elements of the system by which outcomes are made. 

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EDI Leads & Staff Networks: The Power of Partnership 

Date: 21 July 2021

Time: 14:00 - 16:00

Virtual Platform: Teams

Category: Bitesize Leadership

This workshop will help networks leaders and those supporting them to gain a fresh understanding of the following:

  • The purpose of the network;
  • How to strengthen the position/structure of the network;
  • The tools to help the network be more effective

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LGBT+ Awareness 

Date: 28 July 2021

Time: 12noon - 13:00

Virtual Platform: Teams 

Category: Bitesize Leadership

An interactive session which aims to raise awareness of issues relating to gender identity, sexual orientation and the health inequalities faced by LGBT+ people, including practical advice on how to use language which is accurate about, respectful to and inclusive of LGBT+ patients and staff. Participants will:

  • Improve their understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Gain a basic understanding of the law as it relates to LGBT+ people and the NHS
  • Understand some of the inequalities LGBT+ people have faced in the past, and continue to face
  • Learn how some of the language we often use at work can exclude LGBT+ people, and how we can change that. 

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Language and Disability: Communicating Inclusively with Disabled people

Date: 4 August 2021

Time: 12:00 - 13:00

Virtual Platform: Teams

Category: Bitesize Leadership

This Lunch and Learn session will cover:

  • The language we use to talk about disability can often be oppressive and outdated
  • What does the phrase 'special needs' convey? Calling disabled people 'special' alienates them from society, since they are seen as different. How about words like 'hearing disorder', 'wheelchair-bound' and 'handicapped'? What are the different connotations of the expression 'disabled people' versus 'people with disabilities'?
  • How can we identify oppressive language? How can we avoid it? Join Erk Gunce for an open discussion on the language of disability, where Erk will also share some of his own experiences as a disabled person 

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Building Psychological Safety in Hybrid World 

Date: 18 August 2021

Time: 12:30 - 13:30

Virtual Platform: Teams

Category: Bitesize Leadership

Following on from our successful bite-size sessions where we draw on a topical article to explore practical implications, in this Lunch and Learn session we will be exploring Psychological Safety in a Hybrid world.

We will be drawing on the Harvard Business Review article by Amy Edmondson and Mark Mortensen (see below) to consider how we as leaders/managers can contribute to the building of psychological safety in our own organisations. 

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Turning the Perception of Disability Upside Down - My Story 

Date: 19 August 2021

Time: 12:30 - 13:30

Virtual Platform: Teams

Category: Bite size Leadership

Cheryl Gascoigne will speak to you about her experience of adversity and how she has used this to enhance her life and that of others around her.

"As an adult with end stage kidney failure I faced a lot of unknowns. However what I recognised quickly was that this shift in my life need not be negative and that my lived experience would could drive positive change." 

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Date: Thursday 15 July 2021, 19.30-20.30

Venue: Online event held on Zoom Webinar - accessible via PC, laptop and smartphone

General practice is busier than it has ever been. GPs and their teams are striving to meet spiralling patient demand while establishing primary care networks and contributing to the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. And even more change is on the horizon.

Recently, the UK government introduced the Health and Care Bill to Parliament. The full text of the Bill, setting out details of proposed NHS reforms, was published today. General practice barely gets a mention, but the planned changes would have a major impact on primary care.  

The Health Foundation's expert panel will set out what the proposed changes are and explore:

  • Why and how primary care should engage with NHS reform? 
  • What does it mean for PCNs and the future of general practice? 
  • Does the end of CCGs matter and what did we learn from them?
  • How can primary care work best within integrated care systems? 


  • Professor Martin Marshall, GP; Chair, Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Dr Farzana Hussain, GP; Clinical Director, Newham Central 1 PCN
  • Rob Webster, Lead CEO, West Yorkshire and Harrogate ICS
  • Chair: Dr Rebecca Fisher, GP; Senior Policy Fellow, the Health Foundation

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Being Inclusive is different to being included. We can be included, but still feel on the outside because the environment doesn’t take into consideration what is important to us and/or relate to our individual culture and background. Building a truly inclusive culture doesn’t happen by ticking a box, it can only happen when at an individual level we are open to be educated and challenged, which ultimately drives a collective change.

This programme from the North East and Yorkshire Leadership Academy (NEYLA) is focused on creating an environment that is psychologically safe to support the delivery of the ED&I agenda, and at the same time open up the opportunity for all conversations that matter to take place.

Workshop One: To highlight the importance of self-awareness to drive accountability and change.

Workshop Two: To enable more curiosity and less judgement around the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion agenda to enable real change instead of tick boxing.

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Save the date: North East and North Cumbria Digital Summit 2021

This year’s North East and North Cumbria Digital Summit will take place virtually on 16 September 2021.

Hear how the regional and local digital programmes are progressing and driving real change and improvements to health and care services.

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