CLIC is a shared ‘umbrella’ initiative which exists to develop a positive transformation in health and social care across North Cumbria by leading and embedding a culture of co-production and working together with and for our patients. 

Through working and learning together, we have the ability to:

  • Build the knowledge, skills and capability to transform health and care services and create a positive culture in which to care
  • Keep people connected, continuing to learn and develop their careers, encouraging them to stay with us in North Cumbria
  • Share our improvements, helping to speed up the knowledge and transfer of good practice and reduce variation

Moving forward, the work of CLIC will look and feel a bit different to what it has to date. Whilst we will continue to provide local development programmes that add value to organisational learning, we will also be spending time building networks to connect people within and across sectors, and will host a platform for accessing and sharing information and knowledge

With this in mind, over the next couple of months we are going to be reflecting on the learning from COVID-19. There have been many positive changes that have arisen out of the pandemic, and to mark National Learning at Work Week (17th – 23rd May 2021), we will be sharing some useful information, fantastic improvement stories, and some great opportunities for you to develop your skills. Please keep an eye out for the CLIC eBulletin for further details (if you don’t currently receive our monthly eBulletin and would like to, please sign-up at:

Another key milestone in our calendar for this quarter is the upcoming Virtually LOC in the Lakes 2021: PAUSE. REFRESH. MOVE FORWARD. This year’s conference will be taking place 15th – 18th June, will bring you an entire week of online events designed to offer some practical tools and techniques to enhance your wellbeing, as well as support leaders and managers in revitalising their teams. Please see the brochure below for details of The Launch and the range of Workshops available. Places are already filling up fast, so be sure book soon to avoid disappointment!

Join Action for Happiness for a special event with renowned broadcaster, author and therapist Sian Williams about resilience and recovery from trauma.

Date: Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Time: 19:00 – 20:00

Online Event via Zoom

How can we find our own path to recovery after traumatic events?

Renowned as a much-loved and highly respected journalist and broadcaster, Sian Williams has done extensive research into the science of resilience and growth after trauma. After diagnosis, treatment and recovery from breast cancer, Sian wrote Rise: A first aid kit for getting through tough times, offering life-changing advice from experts on how to cope with traumatic experiences and detailing the ups and downs on her own path to recovery. 

Sian's research shows that although we often seem resilient in the middle of traumatic events, it’s often the post-trauma recovery period where things get tough and people can really struggle. Sian will share how we can choose what to take forward from our experiences - in order to emerge feeling stronger, more resilient and more compassionate to ourselves and others.

Dr Denis Burke

Consultant Physician, Chair of Out Patient Development Group

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (NCIC)

In this Learning from COVID-19 Improvement Story, we hear from Dr Denis Burke, who describes the positive changes made in Out Patient (OP) services during the pandemic:

Why was change needed?

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the ability and way that NCIC are able to provide services for patients. In early 2020, entering the unknown of a pandemic, urgent action was required in OP services in order to minimise risk to both patients and staff, whilst maintaining a level of service and infection prevention control measures. The OP Development Group played a pivotal role in implementing an increase in remote consultation, reducing footfall on acute sites, and accelerating/expanding transformation projects. 

What impact did it have?

In January 2020, 1165 patients were assessed remotely, but by June, services had been implemented to allow 9137 remote consultations per month. At the peak of the pressures in February 2021, a total of 1082 video hours were undertaken using the Attend Anywhere tool. Not only did this work achieve the key objective of minimising risk to both patients and staff, feedback from patients highlighted that:

  • 53% saved more than 5 miles in travel per consultation
  • Individuals also saved time, money, and found the experience easier, safer and more convenient
  • 1521 (97%) said they would use video again

How will this be sustained?

The resilience of staff and their will to adopt change in support of our patients’ wellbeing has been impressive. The momentum gained needs to be harnessed, and processes need to be refined in order to support change and avoid unnecessary beaurocracy. The OP development group will continue to support the teams, and there is now a wealth of information and examples of how change can be effected rapidly. Peer support and learning will be recruited across the organisation.

Read the full detail – download the pdf story below:


Teach it forward!

We would love to hear about the improvements that you have made as a result of COVID-19. Capture your story on the template available below and send it to us at 

How can we find a greater sense of purpose and meaning? Being part of something bigger than ourselves - and focusing on the things we value - is vital for our wellbeing. So let's take time to reflect on what we care about this month and prioritise the things that matter. 

The Action for Happiness Meaningful May calendar is full of actions to help us find more meaning and "Build Back Happier" as society begins to reopen.