After the successful Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) on Larch A/B Ward at the Cumberland Infirmary, in April 2017, the Ward has made some fantastic achievements in line with the initial targets set at the beginning of the week and even gained National Recognition.

One of the notable improvements has been made through the introduction of bedside Nurse handovers, to improve rapport with Patients.

"It was a very exciting week for our team with the aim of keeping patients at the centre of our attention and improving their experiences.  As part of this work, we have introduced bedside handovers which allow our nursing team to  develop that initial rapport with a patient as soon as they start their shift."

Ward Manager, Cumberland Infirmary

Further notable improvements were made through the following:

The team, including medical, nursing, allied health professional staff and a patient representative, quickly identified and implemented a number of improvements which include the following:

  • there will now be a computer on wheels in every bay so that if nursing staff are filling in necessary paperwork they are still readily available to their patients
  • reducing any unnecessary or duplicate paperwork 
  • aiming to have discharge documentation and any ‘take home’ medications ready within an hour of the patient being ready for discharge
  • aiming to discharge a third of patients ready to go home before midday which benefits the patient who no longer needs to be in hospital and any patients who require a bed


We still have availability on two of our Bitesize workshops, focusing on Value Stream Mapping and Project Thinking.

Bitesize - Value Stream Mapping
This workshop is a short, 2 hour session for anyone wanting to find out more about Value Stream Mapping and how to focus on clinical and non-clinical value streams. Value Stream Mapping helps us to visualise and entire flow of our services and can act as a tool to identify and describe improvements. The workshop will be an opportunity to try out a practical value stream example, and will help you to reflect on how value stream mapping can be used in your work area to identify waste and maximise value. The workshop builds on process mapping techniques and demonstrate how mapping with key measurements can be used to develop a value stream. 

Bitesize - Project Thinking
This workshop is a short, 4 hour session designed to guide your team through the planning process of small to mid-scale improvements or projects.

During the session you will:

  • Gain tools that will aid in correctly defining the problem or issue
  • Identifying the current state
  • Considering your stakeholders and engagement
  • Planning your next steps

A successful improvement or project is highly dependent on effective planning and gaining the right support from stakeholders.  This workshop is an opportunity for your team to get the right tools to plan your improvement with support from improvement facilitators. 

To book, please follow the links above.