14th to 18th June 2021 marks the first ever NHS Knowledge and Library Services Awareness Week #KLSNAW - please join us in celebrating!

NHS knowledge and library specialists work with healthcare staff across a broad range of specialisms. Taking evidence to the board and the bedside, the service is there for every member of the NHS. They want to save you time by helping you access the best information for decisions. 

This NHS Knowledge and Library Services Awareness Week launches the NHS Knowledge for Healthcare strategy. Health Education England’s ambition is for all NHS staff and learners to benefit equally from high-quality knowledge services and for the NHS to optimise the expertise of knowledge and library teams. 

Our local libraries in the Education Centre at the Cumberland Infirmary, and West Cumberland Hospital, are a great place for quiet work and research, and are accessible 24/7. Both library facilities have just been upgraded, so why not take a look - drop-in and bookable learning spaces are available for individual and group training.

We also have a Library & Learning Technologist, Jane Collins. She helps ensure crucial evidence and information is available and accessible. Jane designs, produces, and implements digital training solutions, and can offer you tailor made responses to any digital information needs. Full details of all our resources are available at: www.library.ncumbria.nhs.uk 

This celebration is a fantastic opportunity to share with you the learning opportunities that North Cumbria Knowledge and Library Services, in collaboration with CLIC, are planning: 

Lunch and Learn Sessions

The upcoming Lunch and Learns are 30 minute, virtual, informal sessions that take place at lunchtime. While you take a break and eat, you can listen to our invited speaker give a short talk sharing their experience of improvement work. The session is then open to anyone who has questions or reflections to offer.

Join our first Lunch and Learn on 9th July 2021, 12:30 - 1:00pm, in which Dr Denis Burke will talk to us about 'Learning from COVID-19: Remote Consultation in Out Patient Services'. Get the link for the session here...

Making the Most of Microsoft Teams: Bite-sized Virtual Training 

These 30 minute, virtual, introductory sessions will illustrate some functions of Microsoft Teams and offer useful tips, covering things such as: sharing and un-sharing your screen; working with the whiteboard; playing videos; breakout rooms; and more! Please see below for the dates and times available, as well as the links for booking:

If you would like to know more about these sessions, or have a one-to-one chat with someone about MS Teams, please contact: Jane.Collins@ncic.nhs.uk 


Our Knowledge and Library services generally offer library learning space on site as well as delivering remote services, ensuring knowledge and evidence is at the fingertips of staff and learners. For further information or to get in touch please see: www.library.ncumbria.nhs.uk 

As part of our Learning from COVID-19 series, in May we described how the introduction of Microsoft (MS) Teams has been hugely beneficial in terms of facilitating remote and home working, and we shared some existing resources and opportunities relating to this. 

We highlighted that, as with any new tools in the workplace, there can be significant learning curves. So in order to help with this, in partnership with North Cumbria Knowledge and Libraries we are pleased to be able to offer three standalone sessions - "Making the Most of Microsoft Teams: Bite-sized Virtual Training". This 30 minute introductory training will illustrate some functions and offer useful tips, covering things such as: sharing and un-sharing your screen; working with the whiteboard; playing videos; breakout rooms; and more!

Please see below for the dates and times available, as well as the links for booking:

If you would like to know more about these sessions, or have a one-to-one chat with someone about MS Teams, please contact: Jane.Collins@ncic.nhs.uk 

Even on difficult days, there are still things to be grateful for. And by noticing more of the good things, we can train our brains to be more resilient. So this month Action for Happiness are encouraging everyone to find and share the little joys in life.  

The Joyful June calendar is full of actions to help you find more joy, even though life isn't perfect. Please share with others too! 


Karen Morrell

Managing Director

North Cumbria Primary Care Alliance (NCPC)

In this Learning from COVID-19 Improvement Story, we hear from Karen Morrell, who describes the ways in which NCPC GP practices worked differently during the pandemic:

Why was change needed?

As a result of the unprecedented crisis situation brought about by COVID-19, changes to ways of working in primary care were rapidly required in order to ensure that both patients and staff were supported. An increased use of technology (e.g. remote consultation), as well as trying out new improvement ideas, meant that patients could continue to access the care they needed in the safest possible way. In addition, staff were incredibly resilient and resourceful, really working together as a team to problem solve in ways that they have never had to before.

What impact did it have?

Many of the changes that were made have been very positive. Patients have had continuity in their care, and have often been able to access an appointment more quickly and conveniently. Both triaging and listening skills have improved, as it has been more imperative than ever to determine the right course of action for an individual. Overall, some great feedback has been received during this incredibly challenging time. 

How will this be sustained?

Karen is keen to foster the team working and problem solving culture which has come about as a result of the pandemic. Whilst use of technology will never fully replace face-to-face consultation, it is certainly complimentary, and there is a keenness to embed elements of this moving forward. 



If you would like some more information on this improvement, please contact:

Karen Morrell


Teach it forward!

We would love to hear about the improvements that you have made as a result of COVID-19. Capture your story on the template available below and send it to us at info@theclic.org.uk 


The Bright Ideas in Health Awards is now celebrating its 17th year. The Awards are organised by The Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria (AHSN NENC).

The Awards celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams working within the NHS, industry and academia, who have risen to the challenge of telling us how, and where, they believe that the services provided to patients can be improved, either through a technical innovation or through better service delivery.

Everyone can play a part in developing innovative solutions to the healthcare challenges that we face every day. The competition, depending upon the category, is open to all SMEs, NHS organisations and academic institutions in the North East of England and North Cumbria.

The closing date for 2021 entries is 13 September.

Find out more & enter...