We are pleased to share with you a copy of Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative's Six Month Report (April - September 2021).

"The financial year started in a positive place; recruitment to the CLIC team and a more stable phase of the pandemic enabled CLIC to commence offering a refreshed programme of development opportunities to partners across health and care. We have adapted our approach to encourage more learning through networks to enhance cross sector relationships and the transfer of knowledge and improvements.

We continue to focus on our three strategies of continuous improvement, leadership development and education and skills, as well as supporting the North Cumbria health and care partnership. Quarterly reports on CLIC activity are received by our Integrated Care Partnership executive colleagues and this report summarises the key activity between April and September 2021..."

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See below for the latest fantastic learning and development opportunities available with the North East and Yorkshire NHS Leadership Academy (NEYLA): 

Winter Support - Health and Wellbeing Workshops  

After 20 months of sustained, high performance work under unusual pressures, many NHS leaders and teams are feeling overwhelmed, even exhausted. The slip from manageable levels of stress to something more damaging can be so gradual it can easily get missed.

Working in Partnership with Unlimited Potential, NEYLA bring you a series of 6 webinars designed to support your Health and Wellbeing:

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The Orchard Programme 

The Orchard Programme is a development programme for women who want to take the next step in their career, take control, become more assertive, increase their confidence, recognise their power and presence, and build a positive attitude in both their work and home lives.

The programme is aimed at those working in Health & Social Care who are a Band 6 or below. If you would value time to reflect, share your experiences with other women and most importantly, set achievable goals for now and the future then this development programme is for you.

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Leading Leaders and Managers Through Positive Change Mindset 

NEYLA are excited to bring you a series of Inclusive Leadership workshops, Leading Leaders and Managers Through Positive Change and Mindsets, working along with their delivery partner Enact Solutions they will be using realistic, dramatised content, electronic polling, and facilitated group exercises and discussions, learners will explore the key elements of Inclusive Leadership, practicing and developing the associated behaviours ready for leading their teams in their own organisation

Workshops on offer: 

  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Dignity and Respect at Work
  • Managing Microaggressions & Incivility in the workplace

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The Why, What and How of Building a Healthcare System 

Embedding a learning health system approach at Chase Farm Hospital │ Wednesday 19 January 2022 │ 12:00 - 13:30 

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Building Resilient Collaborative Teams  

As part of NEYLA's winter support offer, this 2 stage programme will provide teams with tools and techniques to support teams to remain resourceful and engaged, increasing resilience and collaboration as strategies for dealing with uncertainty and rising to meet new challenges.

There are two stages to this programme. You are welcome to simply attend stage 1 and if you see the potential value you can apply to the Leadership Academy to engage your team in the full programme. Stage 1 is open to anyone regardless of your role.  

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Manager as Coach - Everyday Coaching Conversations

24 January 2022 │ 9:00 - 11:00 │ Virtual Platform: Teams

This interactive workshop is aimed at managers at all levels and roles, and those aspiring to their first management role. Join NEYLA to gain insight and skills in the key leadership skill of how to start, hold and complete a transformational conversation.

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Lunch and Learn: Building Psychological Safety in a Hybrid Working World

26 January 2022 │ 12:30 - 13:30 │ Virtual Platform: Teams

NEYLA will be drawing on the Harvard Business Review article by Amy Edmondson and Mark Mortensen to consider how we as leaders/managers can contribute to the building of psychological safety in our own organisations.

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Leading at Neighbourhood and Place - an Introduction to Learning Systems 

3 February 2022 │ 9:30 - 11:00 │ Virtual Platform: Zoom

In this introductory session, Andy Crosbie from the Collective Impact Agency (member organisation of the HLS Collaborative) will be looking at:

  • Understanding complexity
  • What’s wrong with our current way of delivering public services?
  • How can we do public services better?

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Leading Conversations to Build Resilience 

16 February 2022 │ Time: Various │ Virtual Platform: Teams

This short session is for managers who want to increase their confidence in the many conversations they have with people, all of which can help to support individuals and recognise the importance of the work they do. NEYLA will be reminding managers of the skills and approaches they can use, drawing upon both research and practical evidence.

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It’s normal to feel anxious, sad or overwhelmed in response to stressful circumstances, but these feelings can be difficult to manage sometimes.

Please remember that support is available from the Staff Wellbeing Hub, which is supported by the ICS.

The Hub can help you to navigate all the different offers of help available out there.

The Hub features a confidential helpline: 0191 223 2030

Or you can make contact via their email at: Hubstheword@cntw.nhs.uk  

Further information, resources and useful tools can be found at: www.northeastandnorthcumbriaics.nhs.uk/staff-wellbeing-hub 

This includes a wellbeing diary, toolkit, offers and other useful resources.


How can we boost our wellbeing and help each other in 2022? Last year brought many challenges and lots of things remain uncertain. The best way to start the new year is by focusing on the things that we can control. 

The Action for Happiness Happier January calendar is packed with helpful and uplifting actions so please share it with others and help spread more happiness. 

You might also be interested in...

Wellbeing Skills - with Prof. Richard Davidson

Weds 12 Jan │ 7pm │ Online via Zoom

Tickets: Open to all with optional donation 

At this special event, neuroscientist Richard J Davidson will share the latest insights from the neuroscience of wellbeing. He'll explain how wellbeing is not a static thing, but rather a set of skills that can be learned and cultivated over time, just like learning to play a musical instrument or riding a bike.

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