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What is CLIC?

CLIC is our learning and improvement collaborative in Cumbria. It is a shared ‘umbrella’ initiative which exists to develop a positive transformation in health and social care across the area by leading and embedding a culture of collaboration for continuous learning, continuous quality improvement, and living within our means.

We have adapted learning from Jönköping, the North East Transformation System, Virginia Mason Medical Centre, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the NHS Leadership Academy, and NHS Improving Quality, and pooled knowledge from all our members in Cumbria to devise a joint and common way to talk, think, learn and practice leadership and continuous improvement.

CLIC is designed to help you achieve your objectives, clearing away barriers of any kind by sharing experiences, skills and innovations and supporting (and improving) the partnership organisations in doing what needs to be done to help NHS and care staff succeed and help to achieve the right outcome for the people we serve

CLIC’s first 3 key priorities relate to:

  1. Learning together in teams to improve services and to save money
  2. Agreeing and adopting a common improvement methodology, called the Cumbria Production System
  3. Developing leaders at every level