What is CLIC?

CLIC is our learning and improvement collaborative in Cumbria. It is a shared ‘umbrella’ initiative which exists to develop a positive transformation in health and social care across the area by leading and embedding a culture of collaboration for continuous learning, continuous quality improvement, and living within our means.

We have adapted learning from Jönköping, the North East Transformation System, Virginia Mason Medical Centre, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the NHS Leadership Academy, and NHS Improving Quality, and pooled knowledge from all our members in Cumbria to devise a joint and common way to talk, think, learn and practice leadership and continuous improvement.

CLIC is designed to help you achieve your objectives, clearing away barriers of any kind by sharing experiences, skills and innovations and supporting (and improving) the partnership organisations in doing what needs to be done to help NHS and care staff succeed and help to achieve the right outcome for the people we serve

CLIC’s first 3 key priorities relate to:

  1. Learning together in teams to improve services and to save money
  2. Agreeing and adopting a common improvement methodology, called the Cumbria Production System
  3. Developing leaders at every level

Who is in the Collaborative?

CLIC brings together everyone working in health and social care in Cumbria, including in the independent/ voluntary sector and people who use services, but founding partners include:

  1. Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  2. Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  3. Cumbria County Council, in particular Health and Care Services and Children's Services
  4. North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust
  5. University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

 We are all CLIC!

Why has CLIC been created?

CLIC has been created to reduce duplication of effort and repetition and provide communities with efficient, effective services and value for money. CLIC supports NHS and care staff by giving them evidence based opportunities for training, development and improvement work with colleagues across Cumbria.

How does this differ from our own organisation’s OD/ Learning and Development unit?

CLIC is an ‘umbrella’ initiative which brings together and shares learning and improvement activities across all partner organisations, building upon the successes, skills and experience of existing OD/ Learning and Development units.

Are local universities a part of CLIC?

Local academic institutions (e.g. University of Cumbria and Lancaster University) are becoming increasingly involved in CLIC activities.

What is new about CLIC?

CLIC provides more opportunity for us to train, learn and improve together across organisations. It also facilitates access to common improvement methods to support the Cumbria Production System.

Isn’t CLIC just a waste of money?

No. Worldwide evidence is clear: investing in continuous improvement methods and collaborating on training and development of staff increases the quality of outcomes for the people who use our services and reduces the total cost. It also benefits the staff involved. It will more than pay for itself. We should have done it years ago!

Is CLIC relevant to me?

Yes. All staff need training and development, and to continuously improve their practice. Much of your learning and development will be ‘in-house’ or ‘on-the-job’ but the team you work in will be able to seek and get extra training and support via CLIC as it develops. You will notice that some training in your organisation will come under the CLIC umbrella.

Where is CLIC based?

We are all CLIC, so CLIC and its activities operate out of numerous sites and organisations across Cumbria.

There is currently a dedicated learning base in Carlisle (Wavell Drive, Rosehill) which is available for everyone to use.

What support does CLIC offer?

Examples of the types of support provided by CLIC are provided in our biannual reports:

How do I access training now CLIC is here?

For now, you carry on as you always have. As CLIC develops you will notice that your learning and development is increasingly organised under the ‘umbrella’ of CLIC and that new types of training and development become available, such as coaching and mentoring.

You can book onto various CLIC training courses via our Training and Events page.

If in doubt, discuss your training and development and improvement work with your manager or your OD/ Learning and Development Unit, just as you normally would.

Will CLIC provide its own courses?

Yes, sometimes, when this is appropriate. It will also commission whatever is needed from other high quality providers. A full list of courses available can be found on the Training and Events page on the CLIC website.

Does CLIC offer any new qualifications or credits for attending courses?

No. Not as yet, although this is something that is being looked in to.

Will CLIC pay for GPs and practice staff backfill to attend training?

Not as a matter of course. There are no new training or CPD budgets. Sometimes training will be seen as so important or even mandatory the CLIC partners will pay backfill where required. There is no single rule here.

Where does CLIC get its resources from?

The partners of CLIC are pooling their resources for education, training, development and improvement work. CLIC also seeks out external sources of funding (e.g. from regional and national bodies) to support new activities.

How do I contact CLIC?

Email: info@theclic.org.uk

Tel: 01768 245480

Postal address: 4 Wavell Drive, Rosehill Industrial Estate, Carlisle, CA1 2SE