The term ‘technology enabled care' (TEC) refers to the use of technologies (such as telecare, telehealth, telemedicine, telecoaching, teleconsultation and self care apps) to help people to manage and control chronic illness and sustain independence (NHS England, 2015).  Technologies used include telephone, video, apps for mobile phones/ tablets and sensors.


When applied appropriately, TEC can improve the accessibility and efficiency of care and is of particular benefit to rural areas.  Please see the TEC evidence base for more information.


The following TEDx talk by Daniel Kraft gives an insight into where technology can take us in the health sector:



Key references

CECOPS CIC is a user-led, independent, not-for-profit certification and standards body, aiming to raise the standard of all assistive technology related services across the UK, and beyond.


Useful videos

The following videos provide a useful background and context to TEC.


TEDx talk: Let patients help!

Dave deBronkart, aka e-Patient Dave

If air travel worked like health care


Digital diabetes coach


2D animation for Salaso

Kristin Cahill

IBM Watson on health


The Science Center Health and Technology