Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIWs)

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What is a RPIW?

A Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) is an improvement workshop that brings together staff  from the organisation or health and care system improve a process. It is a facilitated workshop that helps accelerate an improvement and change to practice.  An RPIW has a fundamental operational goal: to create a more reliable, efficient, patient driven process. If successful, an RPIW can lead to higher quality with less time/energy/resources needed to make the process run. Analysis and redesign are always taken on with the patient as the focal point and patients may/should be part of the RPIW. This allows the focus to be on what would the patient value? What should they expect out of a highly performing healthcare system?  An RPIW is also an educational event. Participants will be given some training in how to understand a complex process in new ways, using tools that can help and to see things in new ways.  They will be positioned to lead further change efforts and act as a champion for improvement.