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Supporting Happier, Healthier Communities... Development Opportunities for Staff in Our Health Care System


What We Offer


You can browse our Offer using the menu at the right-hand side of this page. To book a place on one of our programmes, please visit our Training and Events page.


In North Cumbria we want to create happier, healthier communities. We are doing this by:

  • Integrating how health and care and other organisations work together
  • Supporting people of all ages to be in control of their own health
  • Being a great place to work
  • Providing safe and sustainable high quality services
  • Building health and care services around our local communities
  • Living within our means and spending resources wisely


People working in our health and care system have a valuable role in helping achieve these aims and we want to support you to develop the skills and capabilities to do your role whilst you personally learn and grow!


Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative (CLIC) is here to develop a positive transformation in the health and social care system across North Cumbria by leading and embedding a culture of collaboration for continuous learning, continuous improvement, and living within our means - with our people and for our people. The three key areas of focus are developing people and teams, the Cumbria Production System (service improvement tools) and education and learning (clinical skills). We support learning together through development programmes, and communities of interest, both in the classroom and your workplace.


Our programmes have been developed to support North Cumbria Health and Care’s system priorities as well as supporting the development needs of countywide services. (Before booking please speak with your line manager to ensure that the offering fits with your local priorities and to agree how you will use the learning back in your work place to benefit patients and service users. It will be helpful to use a contracting document to do this.)


CLIC will support your learning by following up after any programme to find out what changes you have made and what impact this has had. This evidence is vital for CLIC to ensure that we can continue to offer support and to be able to extend this offering to meet our staff’s needs into the future.


Most of these programmes are open to all staff working within the health care system – including Primary Care, Cumbria County Council, CCG, third sector and community leaders and delivered locally to reduce time, travel and cost.


You can browse our Offer using the menu at the top right-hand side of this page. To book a place on one of our programmes, please visit our Training and Events page.




Building Integrated Care: Happier, healthier communities



Leadership & Teams Programme

Programme Title

What is it


Who is it for

How to access

Leading in Complex Circumstances

A 3 hour workshop to introduce the theories behind leading in complex situations. You will work through options to test out new and different approaches, and how you will measure successes using real work scenarios.


§  To understand complexity and the evidence base around managing it

§  Allow time to think through a current complex issue and understand it better

§  To generate ideas to test out back in the workplace


All leaders and managers involved with delivering and supporting change in the current health and care setting.


For more info, contact the CLIC team.

Medical Leadership Programme

This programme is based on the Medical Leadership Competency model. It develops system leadership knowledge through a 6 day programme and covers topics associated with coproduction, personal styles and preferences, improvement methodologies, leading change, working with complex problems and creating safe reliable care settings.


§  Equip our medical leaders to work in our complex system

§  Build a network of medical leaders across North Cumbria health and care system

§  Embed a continuously learning and continuously improving culture across our medical leaders


Anyone working as a medical leader across North Cumbria and in Specialist services county wide.


Please contact Rachel Fleming Rachel.fleming@

Leading Your Team Through Change

A 2 hour workshop that will help team leaders to develop adaptability during uncertainty whilst maintaining quality and safety. The workshop will also raise awareness of, and support, personal and team resilience.

§  Develop ability to convey key organisational messages

§  Understand and support key behaviours linked to change

§  Understand ways to support management of own and team’s wellbeing

§  Acquire understanding of selection of tools to lead teams through change


All leaders and managers involved with delivering and supporting change in the current health and care setting.


For more info, contact the CLIC team.

Quarterly TALKS – A Conversation Style

A 2 hour workshop that covers the key messages around CPFT / NCUH new approach to performance management - Quarterly TALKS.


This session is designed to build awareness of the skills required to deliver meaningful conversations that are effective for both the team member and the organisation.



§  Understand how coaching works as an approach to developing ownership for personal performance

§  Develop coaching skills and build confidence to apply them in practice in everyday use

§  Understand the foundations of a values based conversation and a behaviours conversation

§  Be able to use the values and behaviours framework in both formal and informal instances

§  Be able to use the framework with teams and individuals


§  Any manager, team leader, or reviewer responsible for delivering Quarterly TALKS in CPFT / NCUH

§  Guidance will also be given for completing Quarterly TALKS documentation

Book via CLIC website.


Coaching Skills

A 1 day workshop to develop our staff to communicate using core coaching skills in their relationships with their staff and colleagues in order to build a coaching culture throughout the local health and care system.


§  Understand what is meant by a coaching approach and the impact it can have on individuals and organisations

§  Know more about key coaching skills and questions

§  Practical skills in coaching conversations


All leaders and managers involved with delivering and supporting staff and leading change in the current health and care setting.

Book via CLIC website.


Leading Sustainable Change

A 5 day leadership development programme focussing on system leadership, covering: leadership behaviours, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, system working and leading teams through this.


§  Acquire practical tools and techniques to help lead in a complex system environment

§  Understand how to apply service improvement tools

§  Develop personal skills and insight to enable change


Leaders in health & social care involved in leading teams and cross system working.


Information on CLIC website – application form (completed by participant and manager) to be submitted to CLIC by email.

Working With Our Communities - Co-production

A 3 hour practical workshop to explain the process of working with service users and communities to improve our services. This workshop involves service users and aims to challenge your thinking about when and how to work more closely with them.

§  Understand what co-production is

§  Learn about some of the tools that can help us to improve our work with our service users

§  Understand where the opportunities for co-production are

§  Share ideas and experiences of what has worked well in our services

§  Supports increased collaboration, co-production and community engagement


Anyone who wants to listen to the service user voice and improve their services.

For more info, contact the CLIC team.

Understanding Teams Better

A 3 hour workshop to refocus team leads and team members on the key things needed to improve team performance. The methods and tools used in the workshop are a useful resource to use with teams back in the workplace.


§  Understand the evidence base to building great teams

§  Introduce the relational coordination framework as a tool to understand where issues are arising

§  Generate ideas and approaches to use with teams to develop effective team working


All leaders and managers involved with delivering and supporting change in the current health and care setting.

For more info, contact the CLIC team.

People Management Programme

A 5 day programme covering key HR policies including sickness and absence, equality and diversity, managing risk and incident reporting. 

§  Provides knowledge base for implementing key Trust Workforce policies

§  Provides skills to manage day to day HR activities

§  People management skills



§  Anyone within CPFT or NCUH, who has line management responsibility

§  A perfect starting point for new managers and team leaders

Book via the intranet page.

ILM Leadership Level 3

A 5 day accredited programme covering problem solving, managing staff performance, evaluating options for decision making, and how to plan, monitor and review decisions.

This course is comprised of taught sessions combined with learning and reading. Learning is consolidated through two externally marked assignments.


§  Acquire core management and leadership skills to apply in day to day work

§  Builds leadership capability and self-awareness

§  Practical tools motivate and engage teams and manage relationships confidently



§  Anyone within CPFT or NCUH who is a new or aspiring first line manager

§  As a refresher for existing managers


For further details email the NCUH learning and development team.

Great Teams Great Care

A structured team development programme targeted at teams undergoing organisation change.

§  Enhance engagement levels within the team

§  Improve quality of service delivery

§  Support staff-led improvement


§  Teams working in North Cumbria Health and Care system

§  Teams working in countywide community services


Teams determined at senior level, led by system priorities. For more info, contact the CLIC team.



Continuous Service Improvement Programme

Programme Title

What is it?


Who is it for

How to access

Building Capability for Improvement – The Cumbria Production System (CPS)

A 3 day workshop to develop skills in improvement using evidence based improvement tools.


You will have an opportunity to bring along, and work on, a real improvement project with the support of experienced facilitators.


§  Develop tactics to engage with others and influence the adoption of improvement

§  Understand how to plan, implement, measure, and evaluate improvement

§  Build confidence and capability in leading improvement

§  Apply CPS tools in your workplace


All health and care staff who have a role in driving improvement.

Book via CLIC website.

Influencing and Implementing Improvement

A 1 day introduction to improvement tools to support all staff in identifying and implementing improvement.

§  Understand, use and apply some common improvement tools

§  Gain the engagement of others to support and participate in improvement


All health and care staff.

Book via CLIC website.

Visualising Pathways

A 1 day workshop that will help you to visualise your pathway or process using a number of different mapping approaches.

§  Use mapping to understand and improve the patient journey

§  Identify opportunities for improvement

§  Recognise value and reduce waste

§  Improve flow


All health and care staff involved in integrating pathways and improving services.

Book via CLIC website.


Human Factors

One day programme to introduce the theory of Human Factors, key principles and practices.


Gain an understanding and appreciation of how Human Factors awareness can create a safer place for patients and more productive environment for healthcare workers.


§  Understand the principles of Human Factors and why errors occur

§  Be able to link Human Factors to the improvement of quality and safety in healthcare

§  Identify potential Human Factors errors and mitigate them to improve patient safety


All health and care staff.

Book via CLIC website.

Engaging for Improvement

A twenty week programme delivered via a six-step evidence based framework for supporting improvement ideas, aligned to Care Group business plans and key priorities. The focus is on engagement and delivering sustainable improvement at team and service level. Participants will attend two workshops and are assigned an improvement coach.


§  Supported to deliver your service improvement through a structured programme approach

§  Develop capability and confidence to lead and embed service improvements


All health and care staff.

2 waves per year, application via CLIC website.

Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIW)

An improvement workshop that brings together staff from the organisation or health and care system to improve a process. It is a facilitated workshop that helps accelerate an improvement and change to practice.


RPIWs are part of cultural change and help to embed improvement into the way we work, they shine a light on waste and allow us to scrutinise any process. They are a catalyst for change.


Services and teams across the system.

Teams determined at senior level, led by system priorities. For more info, contact the CLIC team.



Education & Learning - Clinical Skills Programme

Programme Title

What is it


Who is it for

How to access

Urinary Catheterisation

Half day training on urinary catheterisation, at venues across Cumbria and bespoke sessions on request.

This course will help staff develop, support and/or update their:

§  Skills and knowledge

§  Revision of anatomy

§  Awareness of the complications and contraindications of catheterisation

§  Knowledge of the procedures of urethral and suprapubic catheterisation

§  Catheter maintenance


Training for all staff working in Cumbria wide services that have urinary catheterisation as part of their role.

Book via CLIC website.






Venepuncture and Peripheral Cannulation

Half day training on Venepuncture and Peripheral Cannulation at venues across Cumbria and bespoke sessions on request.

This course will help staff:

§  To develop a knowledge and understanding of Venepuncture and Peripheral IV Cannulation

§  An Introduction to VIP Score and documentation associated with Venepuncture and Cannulation

§  Identify and control potential risks associated with each procedure

§  Provide a safe learning environment to practice Venepuncture and Peripheral IV Cannulation using realistic practice arms in preparation for supervised practice in the workplace

Training for all staff working in Cumbria wide services who have cannulation or venepuncture as part of their role.


Please note for this training there are sessions available to book for both skills – this is a 3 hour workshop, in addition there are workshops available for each individual skill – these are 1.5 hour workshops.


Book via CLIC website.



Intravenous Therapy and Management of Central Venous Access Devices (CVAD)

Half day training workshop at venues across Cumbria.

This course will help staff:

§  Develop an understanding of the different central venous access devices and insertion sites

§  Understand asepsis principles and the importance of a closed system

§  Understand correct drug administration technique

§  Understand correct blood sampling technique

§  Understand correct maintenance of site/line including dressing change


Training for all registered staff working in Cumbria wide services who require this skill as part of their role.

Book via CLIC website.




Workshops lasting 1.5 hours at venues across Cumbria. STOP AND WATCH is part of a National development to improve the early recognition of deteriorating health in adults who are residents of Care Homes and clients of Support Agencies.


§  This workshop aims to help enable you to spot the early signs of deterioration and will introduce a useful reporting mechanism

§  STOP AND WATCH gives a concise and easy to follow format that can be used by anybody to identify these early warning signs


Workshops for staff, carers, and volunteers of Cumbria health care system.

Book via CLIC website.

Physiological Observations

Half a day training on physiological observations at venues across Cumbria and bespoke sessions on request.

This course will help staff develop knowledge of:

§  Anatomy and physiology of cardiovascular and respiratory systems

§  Informed consent

§  Accurate measurement of vital signs

§  Normal and abnormal readings

§  Recording and reporting

§  National Early Warning Scores and Sepsis screening/action tools

§  Assessment documentation


Training for all staff working in Cumbria wide services that require this skill as part of their role.

Book via CLIC website.

Verification of Expected Death

A 2 hour training session at venues across Cumbria and bespoke sessions on request.

This course will help staff:

§  Understand what constitutes an expected death

§  Identify and recognize the clinical signs of death

§  Perform a relevant clinical examination

§  Provide bereaved families with supporting information

§  Record the fact of death correctly

§  Understand the legal and professionals framework

§  Understand the role of the Coroner and related legal issues


Training for all registered staff working in Cumbria wide services who may be required to verify expected death.

Book via CLIC website.


Ear Care Training

A 2.5 hour workshop on ear care. Ran twice a year and bespoke sessions on request.

This course will help staff:

§  Increase their knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology of the ear

§  How ear problems can be prevented

§  Clinical decision making in relation to treatment required e.g. ear care, ear irrigation and aural toilet

§  Documentation in relation to performing ear care

§  Undertaking ear care within the boundaries of their own professional competency, responsibility and accountability


Training for all staff working in Cumbria wide services who will undertake ear care as part of their role.

Book via CLIC website.

Roles and Responsibilities in the Administration of Insulin

A 3 hour workshop with bespoke sessions on request.


This course will:

·         Explore policy and engaging with a competency framework

·         Determine the role of the community nurse supervisor

And will cover:

§  Blood glucose and monitoring

§  Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

§  Different insulins and pens

§  Understand development of competence in sub cutaneous injection technique and administration of insulin

§  Why errors occur in practice


Training for CPFT staff - Health Care Assistant and Assistant Practitioners who have administration of insulin within their role.





Book via CLIC website.

Nasogastric Tubes Insertion and/or Management

A 2 hour training session on insertion and management of nasogastric tubes for NCUH staff.


Bespoke sessions for on request for training on management for CPFT staff to support discharge and wrap around care.

§  Full understanding and demonstrate competence in inserting an NG tube

§  Have an awareness of NPSA alerts and guidelines and Serious incidents in NCUHT

§  Understand professional accountability and responsibility when caring for a patient with a nasogastric tube, before and after insertion

§  Have a full understanding of the ongoing checks required to confirm day to day  nasogastric tube placement

§  Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of procedures if gastric aspirate not obtained

§  State professional duties and responsibilities for full and complete documentation

§  Know when to STOP THE LINE if documentation incomplete and patient safety compromised

§  Know how to achieve and maintain competence through continued training and completion of the competency framework.


Training for all registered staff working in Cumbria wide services who will be managing and using nasogastric tubes.

Contact CLIC direct for bespoke training

SAGE & THYME Communication Skills

A level 1, half day training course designed to give you the tools to effectively communicate with patients, relatives and carers. It is relevant to all staff engaged in face to face communication and delivered by SAGE & THYME accredited facilitators from the palliative care team. 


The transferable skills gained by attending this workshop can be applied to any situation where individuals may be emotional, distressed or concerned. 

The knowledge and skills learned in this course are fundamental to most roles in the NHS and other care organisations.

Training for any in CPFT and NCUH.

Book via CLIC website.


Personal Development

Programme Title

What is it?


Who is it for?

How to access

Wellbeing and Resilience

A 3.5 hour interactive workshop to reflect on personal resilience and build a personal wellbeing toolkit.


§  Understand resilience and what it means to us as individuals

§  Understand the importance of wellbeing during change

§  Identify the enablers and barriers to wellbeing at work

§  Know how to spot the signs and symptoms of stress in yourself and others

§  Start the process of building your mind-set for resilience

§  Knowledge of tools to manage wellbeing and resilience


All health and care staff.

Book via CLIC website.

Mindfulness Based Living Course

An 8 week programme consisting of 8x2 hour classes proceeded by an introductory class and followed up by a day of mindfulness, to help develop an in-depth personal experience of mindfulness.


Mindfulness is an innate capacity of the mind to be aware of the present moment in a non-judgmental way. It promotes a way of being that helps us to take better care of ourselves and lead healthier lives. It also enables us to access inner resources for coping effectively with stress, difficulty and illness.


Possible benefits may be as follows:


§  Reduced tension, anxiety, stress, reactivity, improve communication, decision making, increase the ability to manage conflict, enhance clarity and creative thinking, achieve balance and develop resilience at home and at work, increase concentration, improve energy levels, promote physical and mental well-being

All health and care staff.

Book via CLIC website.



Coaching is the facilitation of learning and development with the purpose of improving performance and enhancing effective action, goal achievement, personal satisfaction and fulfilment of potential. It invariably involves growth and change, whether that be in perspective, attitude or behaviour.” Bluckert.


Our Health and Care system has access to accredited coaches who are able to offer one to one coaching, to support individual development needs.


§  Helps individuals to be the best they can be in any given situation, by helping them to identify what is holding them back and develop personal strategies to overcome these obstacles

§  Help an individual to identify and work towards clear goals

§  Safe place for reflection and to gain perspective

§  Grows ownership for personal performance and outputs

§  Help to work more productively with others

§  Improves performance

§  Can improve wellbeing and resilience


All health and care staff.

For more info, visit the CLIC website.

Emotional Intelligence

We offer a number of tools that can be used for both team and individuals that will help you to improve self-awareness. These tools can help you to understand the personality preferences and different approaches to situations that often drive behaviours that can affect effectiveness at work.


§  Improve self-awareness and understanding of others

§  Develop and improve team communications and effectiveness at work

§  Can help support wellbeing and resilience

All health and care staff.

For more info, contact the CLIC team.

Managing Difficult Conversations

A 3.5 hour interactive workshop to build confidence and learn practical tools, skills and behaviors in having effective difficult conversations.


§  Understand how situations and emotions can influence responses

§  Identify personal triggers that may help or hinder good communication

§  Be able to control the conversation with questions

§  Have strategies for tackling a difficult conversation


All health and care staff.

Book via CLIC website.



Where to Go for Other Things

Programme Title

What is it?

Why do it?

Who is it for?

How to access

Library Services

Our service provides library information and support to all health care staff and students within North Cumbria.

§  A million decisions are made across the NHS every day. Our service and staff can help you ensure your decisions are based on the best available research evidence and good practice

§  We can also help you continue to learn and improve your skills and widen your knowledge

All staff system wide.

(Access for social care staff is available as part of a NHS partnership scheme with Cumbria Public Libraries - see ‘Share & Learn’ section on Library website). 

Access via Library Services website.

NELA (North East Leadership Academy)

NELA aims to continuously develop leaders and managers to improve health services for patients and communities.

§  NELA manages a wide range of events including workshops, formal development programmes, seminars, master classes and high-profile guest speakers

§  Supports coaching and mentoring, talent management and organisational development 

Anyone within CPFT or NCUH.

Access via NELA website.


An initiative connecting people who have improvement expertise across the UK. Currently at 3,000 members, Q’s mission is to foster continuous and sustainable improvement in health and care, creating opportunities for people to come together as an improvement community to share ideas, enhance skills and collaborate to make health and care better. 

§  Connect, share and learn with people from different disciplines and sectors, from across the UK to help create real change

§  Join a diverse community that brings together those from the front line of health and social care, patient leaders, managers, researchers, commissioners and policy makers and others

§  Tap into Q as a source of innovation and practical problem solving

§  Develop your improvement skills and help lead and develop others beyond Q

All health and care staff, third sector staff, and service users with an interest in quality improvement.

Access via the Q website.


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