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Leading in Complex Circumstances

A 3 hour workshop to introduce the theories behind leading in complex situations. You will work through options to test out new and different approaches, and how you will measure successes using real work scenarios.


§  To understand complexity and the evidence base around managing it

§  Allow time to think through a current complex issue and understand it better

§  To generate ideas to test out back in the workplace


All leaders and managers involved with delivering and supporting change in the current health and care setting.


For more info, contact the CLIC team.

Medical Leadership Programme

This programme is based on the Medical Leadership Competency model. It develops system leadership knowledge through a 6 day programme and covers topics associated with coproduction, personal styles and preferences, improvement methodologies, leading change, working with complex problems and creating safe reliable care settings.


§  Equip our medical leaders to work in our complex system

§  Build a network of medical leaders across North Cumbria health and care system

§  Embed a continuously learning and continuously improving culture across our medical leaders


Anyone working as a medical leader across North Cumbria and in Specialist services county wide.


Please contact Rachel Fleming Rachel.fleming@

Leading Your Team Through Change

A 2 hour workshop that will help team leaders to develop adaptability during uncertainty whilst maintaining quality and safety. The workshop will also raise awareness of, and support, personal and team resilience.

§  Develop ability to convey key organisational messages

§  Understand and support key behaviours linked to change

§  Understand ways to support management of own and team’s wellbeing

§  Acquire understanding of selection of tools to lead teams through change


All leaders and managers involved with delivering and supporting change in the current health and care setting.


For more info, contact the CLIC team.

Quarterly TALKS – A Conversation Style

A 2 hour workshop that covers the key messages around CPFT / NCUH new approach to performance management - Quarterly TALKS.


This session is designed to build awareness of the skills required to deliver meaningful conversations that are effective for both the team member and the organisation.



§  Understand how coaching works as an approach to developing ownership for personal performance

§  Develop coaching skills and build confidence to apply them in practice in everyday use

§  Understand the foundations of a values based conversation and a behaviours conversation

§  Be able to use the values and behaviours framework in both formal and informal instances

§  Be able to use the framework with teams and individuals


§  Any manager, team leader, or reviewer responsible for delivering Quarterly TALKS in CPFT / NCUH

§  Guidance will also be given for completing Quarterly TALKS documentation

Book via CLIC website.


Coaching Skills

A 1 day workshop to develop our staff to communicate using core coaching skills in their relationships with their staff and colleagues in order to build a coaching culture throughout the local health and care system.


§  Understand what is meant by a coaching approach and the impact it can have on individuals and organisations

§  Know more about key coaching skills and questions

§  Practical skills in coaching conversations


All leaders and managers involved with delivering and supporting staff and leading change in the current health and care setting.

Book via CLIC website.


Leading Sustainable Change

A 5 day leadership development programme focussing on system leadership, covering: leadership behaviours, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, system working and leading teams through this.


§  Acquire practical tools and techniques to help lead in a complex system environment

§  Understand how to apply service improvement tools

§  Develop personal skills and insight to enable change


Leaders in health & social care involved in leading teams and cross system working.


Information on CLIC website – application form (completed by participant and manager) to be submitted to CLIC by email.

Working With Our Communities - Co-production

A 3 hour practical workshop to explain the process of working with service users and communities to improve our services. This workshop involves service users and aims to challenge your thinking about when and how to work more closely with them.

§  Understand what co-production is

§  Learn about some of the tools that can help us to improve our work with our service users

§  Understand where the opportunities for co-production are

§  Share ideas and experiences of what has worked well in our services

§  Supports increased collaboration, co-production and community engagement


Anyone who wants to listen to the service user voice and improve their services.

For more info, contact the CLIC team.

Understanding Teams Better

A 3 hour workshop to refocus team leads and team members on the key things needed to improve team performance. The methods and tools used in the workshop are a useful resource to use with teams back in the workplace.


§  Understand the evidence base to building great teams

§  Introduce the relational coordination framework as a tool to understand where issues are arising

§  Generate ideas and approaches to use with teams to develop effective team working


All leaders and managers involved with delivering and supporting change in the current health and care setting.

For more info, contact the CLIC team.

People Management Programme

A 5 day programme covering key HR policies including sickness and absence, equality and diversity, managing risk and incident reporting. 

§  Provides knowledge base for implementing key Trust Workforce policies

§  Provides skills to manage day to day HR activities

§  People management skills



§  Anyone within CPFT or NCUH, who has line management responsibility

§  A perfect starting point for new managers and team leaders

Book via the intranet page.

ILM Leadership Level 3

A 5 day accredited programme covering problem solving, managing staff performance, evaluating options for decision making, and how to plan, monitor and review decisions.

This course is comprised of taught sessions combined with learning and reading. Learning is consolidated through two externally marked assignments.


§  Acquire core management and leadership skills to apply in day to day work

§  Builds leadership capability and self-awareness

§  Practical tools motivate and engage teams and manage relationships confidently



§  Anyone within CPFT or NCUH who is a new or aspiring first line manager

§  As a refresher for existing managers


For further details email the NCUH learning and development team.

Great Teams Great Care

A structured team development programme targeted at teams undergoing organisation change.

§  Enhance engagement levels within the team

§  Improve quality of service delivery

§  Support staff-led improvement


§  Teams working in North Cumbria Health and Care system

§  Teams working in countywide community services


Teams determined at senior level, led by system priorities. For more info, contact the CLIC team.