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Continuous Service Improvement Programme

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Building Capability for Improvement – The Cumbria Production System (CPS)

A 3 day workshop to develop skills in improvement using evidence based improvement tools.


You will have an opportunity to bring along, and work on, a real improvement project with the support of experienced facilitators.


§  Develop tactics to engage with others and influence the adoption of improvement

§  Understand how to plan, implement, measure, and evaluate improvement

§  Build confidence and capability in leading improvement

§  Apply CPS tools in your workplace


All health and care staff who have a role in driving improvement.

Book via CLIC website.

Influencing and Implementing Improvement

A 1 day introduction to improvement tools to support all staff in identifying and implementing improvement.

§  Understand, use and apply some common improvement tools

§  Gain the engagement of others to support and participate in improvement


All health and care staff.

Book via CLIC website.

Visualising Pathways

A 1 day workshop that will help you to visualise your pathway or process using a number of different mapping approaches.

§  Use mapping to understand and improve the patient journey

§  Identify opportunities for improvement

§  Recognise value and reduce waste

§  Improve flow


All health and care staff involved in integrating pathways and improving services.

Book via CLIC website.


Human Factors

One day programme to introduce the theory of Human Factors, key principles and practices.


Gain an understanding and appreciation of how Human Factors awareness can create a safer place for patients and more productive environment for healthcare workers.


§  Understand the principles of Human Factors and why errors occur

§  Be able to link Human Factors to the improvement of quality and safety in healthcare

§  Identify potential Human Factors errors and mitigate them to improve patient safety


All health and care staff.

Book via CLIC website.

Engaging for Improvement

A twenty week programme delivered via a six-step evidence based framework for supporting improvement ideas, aligned to Care Group business plans and key priorities. The focus is on engagement and delivering sustainable improvement at team and service level. Participants will attend two workshops and are assigned an improvement coach.


§  Supported to deliver your service improvement through a structured programme approach

§  Develop capability and confidence to lead and embed service improvements


All health and care staff.

2 waves per year, application via CLIC website.

Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIW)

An improvement workshop that brings together staff from the organisation or health and care system to improve a process. It is a facilitated workshop that helps accelerate an improvement and change to practice.


RPIWs are part of cultural change and help to embed improvement into the way we work, they shine a light on waste and allow us to scrutinise any process. They are a catalyst for change.


Services and teams across the system.

Teams determined at senior level, led by system priorities. For more info, contact the CLIC team.