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Library Services Our service provides library information and support to all health care staff and students within North Cumbria.

A million decisions are made across the NHS every day. Our service and staff can help you ensure your decisions are based on the best available research evidence and good practice.

We can also help you continue to learn and improve your skills and widen your knowledge.

All staff system wide (access for social care staff is available as part of a NHS partnership scheme with Cumbria Public Libraries – see ‘Library Partnerships’ section on our Library website. T&Cs apply.) Access via the Library Services website

NEYLA (North East and Yorkshire Leadership Academy)

NEYLA aims to continuously develop leaders and managers to improve health services for patients and communities.

NEYLA manages a wide range of events including workshops, formal development programmes, seminars, master classes and high-profile guest speakers. 

Supports coaching and mentoring, talent management and organisational development.

Anyone within NCIC or North Cumbria CCG Access via the NEYLA website

NHS England Quality Improvement (QI) Learning

NHS England have established a QI Learning Platform that provides a range of online improvement courses, helping to build quality improvement capability at all levels.

Develop your QI skills and make positive changes in your area of work.

Get started with making large scale changes.

Learn about key QI theory, tools, measurement, and how to spread improvement gains.

All health and care staff Access via the NHS England QI Learning website
Q An initiative connecting people who have improvement expertise across the UK. Currently at 3,000 members, Q’s mission is to foster continuous and sustainable improvement in health and care, creating opportunities for people to come together as an improvement community to share ideas, enhance skills and collaborate to make health and care better.

Connect, share and learn with people from different disciplines and sectors, from across the UK to help create real change.

Join a diverse community that brings together those from the front line of health and social care, patient leaders, managers, researchers, commissioners and policy makers and others.

Tap into Q as a source of innovation and practical problem solving.

Develop your improvement skills and help lead and develop others beyond Q.

All health and care staff, third sector staff, and service users with an interest in quality improvement Access via the Q website