Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIWs) - What is the format?

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What is the format?

An RPIW is a facilitated event that typically runs over five days. Participants are taken through steps of defining the problem process under analysis, mapping its current state and then eventually designing a new, improved future state. Great care is taken during the workshop to incorporate the input of front line employees and patients, as well as to understand the current state of the process by going to the workplace to observe, measure, and get input from those who work within the system on a daily basis. There are several characteristics that contribute to the success of an RPIW:

  1. Daily involvement of leadership. Senior leaders will be involved in the sponsorship of the workshop, and daily in debriefs of the group’s progress to ensure that there is agreement on direction, scope, and that changes evolving are consistent with overarching priorities. Resource needs are also addressed in these debriefs.
  2. A “hands – on” approach: teams will spend a significant amount of time observing and analysing the process first hand. Thus, time is spent in the workplace seeking the input of front line staff.
  3. An emphasis on consolidating change, training, and sustainability – embedded from the start. Significant time will be spent in the workshop facilitating changes by disseminating new practices, training staff in new procedures, and communicating objectives to a broad cross section of stakeholders. Long term sustainability is the goal.