Rapid Process Improvement Workshops (RPIWs) - What are the roles and responsibilities of people involved?

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What are the roles and responsibilities of people involved in the RPIW?

The RPIW team is built from a cross section of the workforce applicable to the area of focus. The team structure of an RPIW is strictly adhered to; this enables the correct level of authority and facilitation to implement immediate changes. There is:

  • A Sponsor who will "Champion" the team, provide the necessary "clout" to move things along and remove blockages to implementation of changes;
  • Process owner or owners who will ensure staff are available for the workshop and act as the go-to person regarding the process being reviewed and is responsible for the implementation of the agreed changes to the process;
  • A Workshop Team Leader who effectively runs the workshop during the week, and who does not work normally in the team involved in the process;
  • Team Leader(s) who co-ordinates and organises team activities and assists the Workshop Team Leader, again, who usually works outside the team involved. 
  • Most importantly, are the Team Members, the 'do-ers' of the team who are going to be allocated to either the Home Team or the Away Team. The Home Team will continue work as normal, but be in a position to expedite the changes with immediate effect where required. The Away team will be away from their working environment during the period of the RPIW and will forward changes to the Home Team and provide feedback to the Home Team daily on progress, issues or actions that are necessary;
  • Outside eyes – The RPIW usually includes someone who doesn’t know the process and can ask questions that can really help ‘see’ things from a different perspective.
  • Others – depending on the process that is being improved, outside ‘experts’ may be invited to some or all of the RPIW. They may include data specialists, clinical ‘experts’, someone with a special interest or knowledge of the area, someone who has already made improvements in a similar process etc.