Developing People and Teams Strategy and Objectives - How we do it

How we do it

Our focus for programme and bespoke work is in developing individuals and teams.

Health and care depend heavily on the people who deliver our services. CLIC exists to support and develop those individuals and teams to be able to improve the work they do and improve the collective leadership of our North Cumbria system for health and care.



The model above shows how we balance the three elements of vision, method and culture to support the change.

The vision and direction is detailed in our Sustainability and Transformation Plan leaders of our system need to be able to bring this vision alive for their teams by paying attention to the plan, using it to inform and guide the team objectives and reminding their teams how they contribute to this plan through what they do.

The methods within the Cumbria Production System provide us with the tools to:

  • become more productive,
  • to enable our teams,
  • Understand behaviours we encounter and
  • Enable more collective and respectful behaviours in our teams.

The culture, how we do things round here, is shaped by leaders across our system. The things leaders attend to and the things they expect from their teams drive the culture. The Berwick report 2013 detailed the culture shift required by the NHS. 

Berwick Report 2013 A Promise to learn: A commitment to act

We use this to inform our programmes and team development work