Developing People and Teams Strategy and Objectives - Collective leadership

Collective leadership

Collective leadership means everyone taking responsibility for the success of the organisation as a whole, not just for their own jobs or work area.

Collective leadership cultures are characterised by all staff staying focussed on continual learning and, through this, on the improvement of patient care. This requires high levels of dialogue, discussion and debate to achieve a shared understanding about quality problems and solutions.

(King’s Fund 2012)

Michael West describes the six elements that enable collective leadership.

  • Vision and purpose – clearly stated and often repeated
  • Clear and challenging objectives for teams and individuals
  • Robust HR processes providing fair and equitable staff management. Staff enabled to engage and contribute
  • Understanding and use of continuous service improvement methodology
  • “Real team” working where cooperation and integration are the norm
  • Underpinned by a values driven approach